20 Jan

#BlackLivesMatter? HELL No!!! Dirty District Attorney NAZI NAnZI Oink’Malley!!!

#BlackLivesMatter? HELL No!!! Dirty District Attorney NAZI NAnZI Oink’Malley!!!

January 17, 2017, 

Oakland, CA

Toussaint LeToure, Editor
Martin Silverman, Chief Correspondent
(510) 394-4701

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#BlackLivesMatter? HELL NO!!! Dirty District Attorney NAZI NAnZI Oink’Malley!!!

Why should #BlackLivesMatter to NAZI NAnZI (Nancy O’Malley) Oink’Malley or to the establishment? They have proven time and time again that #BlackLivesMatter is ONLY a source of income for those that profit from the misery of the poor, ……….Poverty Pimps……., and there are NONE greater than the Judicial System of corrupt judges, attorney generals, district attorneys, prisons, police, county and city attorneys with local lawyers in Oakland and Alameda County! THIS IS SIMPLY A CARTEL OF CORRUPTION, THE “COURTEL“, A CARTEL OF SUPERIOR COURT CRIMINAL JUSTICES- JUDGES THAT ARE CRIMINALS COMMITTING CRIMES FOR CA$$$$H PROTECTING CORPORATIONS, THE RICH AND POWERFUL, THE STATUS QUO!!!

Until such time as those in these professions are held accountable for their corruption in profiteering off the poor, and the politicians that protect and profit with them, there will be NO end to the mass suffering of the poor, minorities, Muslims, immigrants, LGBTQ, the sick/infirm and under-served!

The Black Lives Matter Movement doesn’t understand that they are ONLY good for photo ops, sound bites, and placating meetings of meaningless rhetoric and nonsensical solutions that have NO chance of implementation by the same politicians that used them for the photo ops and sound bites!

These same politicians are ONLY there to make you feel like you have a place at the table, but you can’t eat, you’re just there to say you were there with the photo to give you a rank a little higher than the ones that weren’t there and nothing to post on Insta! But you can’t eat, just pass the food to the right! Ask yourself, “has ANY of the politicians taken your position publicly and REALLY moved it forward item for item?” Or have they given lip service to them and in private let you down with the truth or just simply never responded?

The truth is these judges, attorney generals, district attorneys, prisons, police, county and city attorneys ALL have many of the same handlers and bag men as the politicians whose job is to maintain the status quo! You can’t get anything from them BUT the photo op!

It ONLY appears that things have changed because more people are made aware of this fact due to the increasing number of citizen journalist with camera recordings of the many blatant incidents of law enforcement executions!

When the Oscar Grant murder happened the local Oakland Black politicians where out in front in their full glory for the photo ops and sound bites proclaiming the tragedy and vowing Oscar’s redemption! After that, they were NEVER heard from to push the case beyond the discussion phase! Oink’Malley and the Superior Court undermined the case, while the Oakland City Attorney, State Attorney General and the U. S. Attorney General ignored it completely! Where were the politicians, Barbara Lee, Keith Carson, Sandre Swanson, the usual local black poverty pimps of preachers, welfare robbers, crime thieves, rehab pushers, etc. when the family needed them to elevate this matter to the forefront of justice they so roundly exalted when it happened? They were huddled with their handlers, the same one’s that handle the Judges, Attorney Generals, District Attorney, prisons, police, County and City Attorneys! You see, until you can hold THEM ALL accountable for the corruption that they regularly engage in for the sake of their profit off the poor for the few, #BlackLivesDON’TMatter!

We have over 25 years of proven, admitted facts that these same people have relentlessly engaged if fraud and corruption to their gain and those that they are controlled by, and when confronted with their own admitted crimes, they cover them up by ignoring them away!

Question the judges, attorney generals, district attorney, county and city attorneys and politicians and demand factual answers to the fraud and concerns for their refusing to uphold the law equally as applied to Black Lives and to them! Why should they not be prosecuted for the same crimes that they themselves prosecute Blacks for when they commit them? They are suppose to be protecting ALL lives from the very same crimes that they routinely commit with impunity! Why?

You can listen to or download the audio tape of the Judges, Attorney Generals, and District Attorney FRAMING and EXTORTION of this Black Family that complained for OVER 30 years of the DA’s office stealing their child support payments here http://tinyurl.com/h39apda

You can read more of Govenor Jerry Brown, Kamala D. Harris, the Superior Court Judges and Commissioners, District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and Matthew Brega are caught in Fraud of a minor child at:


I guarantee you that you will get NO support from your politicians, local or national! President Obama hosted many of the so called Black Lives Matter “leaders” at the White House and even “Honored” many in ceremonies there and around the country. What meaningful change did it bring about? Now with Trump in office………….!



Toussaint LeToure, Editor
Martin Silverman, Chief Correspondent

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