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Adeel“In another religion they honor people who serve like you with Sainthood!”” – Economics Professor Adeel Malik, Oxford University, England and World Renowned News Expert Commentator, speaking about Abdul-Jalil and the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation.

“GOD sent me an ANGEL!”” – Hammer, speaking about Abdul-Jalil



“Jalil, YOU ARE A TZADIK (SAINT)!”Barry Barkan, Ashoka Fellow at Ashoka Institute: Innovators for the Public


“I thank GOD for you and for bringing you into my life and for the ministry you have been given to help the people of God!” – Pastor L. J. Jennings, Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship, speaking about Abdul-Jalil and AMWF


1unknownname    In July 2011 Dr. Kenya Numan and her organization “Stepping Together” as well as Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim and “Superstar Management” and “The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation” were honored in Miami, Florida and Port Au Prince, Haiti for the Relief Missions that they have sent to Haiti since the earthquake.

    A very special “Thanks” to all that have supported our efforts over the years!

On August 25, 2010 Abdul-Jalil received the letter shown below of “Thanks” from Arch Bishop Joel Jeune of Grace Village in Haiti for the Relief Mission they received from the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation with Stepping Together on behalf of The World Conference of Mayors (WCM- 18,000 Political Leaders and Dignitaries from around the world) and The National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM). This is a tangible reality of SUCCESS in Haiti for ALL the members of the organizations world-wide. WE DID IT! ALL of our partners can celebrate their success and acknowledge their contribution.

We are now moving forward in a meaningful way to secure financial, subsistence, construction and medical aid and support for the current mission which will take place as soon as we can unite to raise the necessary money for the supply and transport of badly needed food and clothing items!

We are committed and prepared to work with organizations to raise funds, provide support and organize continued relief efforts for financial donations, to deliver much needed medical support and supplies; food; clothing; educational materials; construction support and building materials; much needed personal items; and legal assistance for displaced children from orphanages that were given transportation and temporary housing in the United States with other families, churches, and organizations until homes have been rebuilt to house them. Where most relief efforts are limited, if not stopped altogether by current travel restrictions in, within, and out of Haiti, we have some political cache that we can exercise to further achieve our united goals globally.

Page One of Letter


Page Two of Letter



Now again, food, water supply, and medication are urgently needed to provide relief during this difficult time of recovery again in Haiti. The damage in Haiti is most severe in the South and Southwest areas.  In Cayes and in the mountainous area of Thiotte, homes and almost all of their crops are destroyed.  Lack of food is a very real and immediate need.  We at Grace International, are working with our school and church partners in these areas, is supplying food to sustain people while we work to help restore their destroyed homes, crop land and their children’s future.     Thanks to the generosity of some of our friends and supporters, concerned with the health and safety of the Haitian people, our emergency relief program addressing  the devastation has begun in the country’s Southwest. Using trucks, we will be delivering  “family nutrition and hygienic kits” in Grand-Goave, Thiotte and some of the other towns most ravaged by the storm.

hygiene-food-kits     The kits are packaged in five gallon buckets with attached lids and containing rice, beans cooking oil and other staples to allow a family of four to eat for three days.  The Haitian equivalent of ten ($10) US dollars will be packed inside to allow for the purchase of medicine and other essentials.  Locally sourced and assembled, the kits will be delivered on trucks for distribution at local church yards to the neediest families, along with eight-ounce packets of clear water purchased from the ice plant where they source water in Port-au-Prince. 

Delivery of the food aid in this form prevents spoilage of food that has already been prepared, limits the need for staging mass feeding, and, perhaps most importantly, allows the Haitian family to return to a sense of routine with the preparation and cooking of a common meal.


       Local purchases of these and other emergency supplies and staples will be procured and delivered as funds allow. $75 will cover the food kit, Hygienic kit, security and transportation and $10 cash to the family for cooking materials.

 Donations may be made by check and mailed to: AARON & MARGARET WALLACE FOUNDATION (AMWF- Haiti Hurricane Relief), 7633 Sunkist Drive, Oakland CA  94605-3032; you can donate with Paypal email to: amwft@amwftrust.org, or our PayPal Fundraising Link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SE6DGFDH9XVKL 

Donations may also be made digitally on the web at: http://amwftrust.org 

Questions?  Please call: (510) 394-4101. Email: amwft@amwftrust.org



Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

May the Grace and peace from our Father God be with you all. Emergency in Grand-Goave and in Tête-à-Boeuf of Haiti. We want to let you know after the passage of the big and terrible storm this week called “Matthew.”

First, For Grand-Goave Church, there was a part of the roof which has been damaged by that terrible storm and a part of the walls of the yard of the church broke as well. Second, another church in Tête-à-Boeuf up in the Mountain of Grand-Goave has been destroyed completely by that same terrible storm never seen and many houses of some of the members of that same church have damaged and lost their gardens, animals like goats, donkeys and cows and so one.  If you want to go there, You can walk about 3 hours by feet to go there.

 I will send you some pictures of that terrible and sad event never seen. To rebuild that church and repair those damaging things. The cost of these works will cost more than $5,000 US.

PLEASE help us to have another new church with your financial support because we don’t know where the Christians are going to worship God and the Bible says: There are more blessings for those who give than the one who receives.

May God bless you all.

Avril Jean Isaac, Pastor and Avril Jean ESDRAS Pastor District of Grand-Goave, Haiti.

The yard of the Church of Grand-Goave where the walls broke and fell.


   Again, there is much work to do and the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation is committed and prepared to work with organizations to raise funds and organize continued relief efforts to provide assistance to Haiti and countries around the world, especially Africa, the Caribbean and South/Central America.

     We want to know if you are interested in participating with the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation and working to aid the people of Haiti, and if so, please send me your notice asap. 

    We look forward to your response and “Thank you ALL” in advance.




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