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FREE tickets to GOAPELE show Sunday, May1, 2011, 8:00pm at Yoshi’s, San Francisco, and Tank show Friday, April 22, and Sunday April 24, 2011, 8:00pm at Yoshi’s Oakland. The tickets will be awarded via our Twitter or website, so if you haven’t already, you should join us on:

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Yoshi’s- San Francisco

MAY 1, 2011 8:00 PM.

Yoshi’s- San Francisco
1330 Fillmore Street
San Francisco CA 94115

“This spiritual love child of Sade and D’Angelo mixes sweet soul vocals, jazz funk instrumentation and hip hop rhythms by underground Bay Area beatmasters. Goapele can kick it in the streets as in the lounge.”

Rolling Stone

Goapele brings an infusion of fresh energy and a classic, yet new sound to R&B music with her sophomore set, Change It All.

The Oakland, California-based songstress broke onto the Bay Area music scene in 2001 with her ethereal EP, Closer, and the follow-up full length album, Even Closer. Released on her family-owned record company, Skyblaze Recordings, the album’s mix of soulful grooves and thought-provoking lyrics introduced the world to a multi-faceted artist and songwriter, known as much for her social and political activism as for her lush romantic ballads.

“I grew up,” Goapele explains, “inspired by a tradition of soulful singers like Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Bob Marley, and Miriam Makeba, people who created timeless music and positive change in the world. I’m also part of the hip hop generation, and my influences continue to grow, so my music has become a blend of many musical traditions.”

Critics from Rolling Stone, Billboard, Essence, Vibe, and a host of others, hailed the songstress as an emerging artist to watch and heralded Even Closer as an album that was ahead of its time. The inspiring title track, “Closer,” notched 1’s on radio playlists from San Francisco to LA to DC to Baton Rouge, and as of August, 2005, four years after its initial release, was 1 at the two largest urban stations in Detroit.

Goapele followed up the release of her album debut by hitting the road and taking her serene — yet inspiring — sound to the masses, both stateside and abroad. Time and again, the singer wowed sold-out crowds with her emotionally-powerful songs, energetic spirit, and electrifying shows.

While Goapele garnered the support of music critics and fans, a host of fellow musicians and celebrities–including The Roots, Talib Kweli, Magic Johnson, Prince and Stevie Wonder–came under the spell of her music, style and sensibility. “I’m very excited to get the support of artists I’ve long admired,” she says.

For her new album, Goapele returned to her Bay Area roots to craft an artistically challenging sophomore set inspired by her recent experiences both in and out of the industry. The album was recorded largely at her Skylight studios in Oakland with a combination of old friends Jeff Bhasker, Mike Tiger, and Amp Live, and fresh collaborators like the production team Sa-Ra Creative Partners (Jill Scott, Bilal), veteran producer Linda Perry (Pink, Christina Aguilera), Bay Area hip hop producer Bedrock (E-40, the Team) and fellow soulster Dwele.

“It was really important to me to work with the people who helped me with my first album,” Goapele says of her long-term and frequent collaborators. “We know where each other is coming from, so there’s already a strong foundation to create from. And we’ve all come along way since we made “Even Closer”. Jeff [Bhasker], for example, co-wrote and produced the title track of The Game’s album, ‘The Documentary,’ last year, so I was really excited to come back together in the studio with them and share our new skills and experience.”

The result is a collection of love songs and politically and socially inspired songs that remain true to Goapele’s firmly planted soul roots while allowing her to branch out in a number of exciting, new directions. Songs like the emotive “Darker Side Of The Moon” and “Love Me Right,” with its electro-pop funk, show Goapele taking aesthetic risks while staying true to her signature sound.

“What I am happy about was that I don’t feel like any of the collaborations were forced,” says Goapele. “They were connections that were already there, and we were just waiting for the right time to work together.”

Goapele collaborated with Linda Perry on “Darker Side Of The Moon,” a ballad that reflects her ability to travel far beyond the borders of traditional R&B while strengthening the core values of sweet soul music.

“I met Linda at one of my shows in LA,” says Goapele of the collaboration with Perry, “and we talked about the possibility of working together. Although I was a fan of her music, I really didn’t know how our styles would mesh, but I’m really proud of what we created together. ‘Darker Side’ was inspired by Pink Floyd, who I had recently become a fan of and had been a favorite of Linda’s for years.”

The granddaughter of German holocaust survivors and South African grandparents who lived through apartheid, Goapele knows the importance of giving back time, energy and resources to the community and the planet. “I’ve been involved in community organization since I was 10, so it’s naturally integrated into my music. One of the reasons I wanted to be a songwriter in the first place was so I could sing lyrics that I believed in and that come from my heart. I draw from my own experience and the experiences I’ve watched others go through. I want my music to truly represent me, instead of trying to fit stereotypes that women in this industry are encouraged to fit into.”

The title track, “Change It All,” started with a song idea,” says Goapele. “I was feeling disempowered and frustrated with the people who were elected in 2000, and then re-elected, and frustrated about the disappearing support for music and art and resources that are being taken away from our local communities in order to fund a war that many of us don’t believe in.”

In the spirit of Goapele’s interest in positive change, she and Skyblaze founded an online community that shares its name with her album. ChangeItAll.org presents Goapele’s musical message, highlights political and social change-makers, and provides a forum for Goapele’s fans and others to network and create ways to promote action, creativity, courage and positive growth for people and communities everywhere.

“In talking to the team at Skyblaze, we started thinking, ‘What if we used this opportunity to create a tool for other people to connect, ‘” she adds. “So, instead of looking at what’s wrong in the world, let’s look at what changes are already happening and use it as a way for people to organize around those things.”

For a singer whose name means ‘to move forward’ in Sitswana, a South African language, her new album, Change It All, proves that enlightened change can be a positive force in the world of music and beyond. Note: Goapele is pronounced Gwa-pa-lay.





Yoshi’s Oakland

Friday, April 22, and Sunday April 24, 2011 8:00 PM.

Yoshi’s Oakland
510 Embarcadero W
Oakland Ca 94607

Tank is one of the most recognizable names in modern R&B, known for vivid storytelling and sensual love songs. He’s an icon in the making, with four albums and eight Grammy nominations under his belt. He’s also a singer who carries the torch of masters like Marvin Gaye and Al Green, while redefining R&B for a new decade. For singer/songwriter/producer Tank—about to release his Atlantic Records debut Now or Never, his first album in three years, and the one he describes as his most confident yet—the secret is simple. He remains true to who he is, as a man and an artist.

“My music is the real me,” says Tank. “I’ll either live by that or I’ll die by that in this business, but I’ve got to be me.” He’s famous for sexy yet relatable love songs that are at once thoroughly modern and yet steeped in the sounds of classic soul. Though fans know and love Tank for smash hits like “Maybe I Deserve” and “Please Don’t Go,” they may be surprised to learn that he is also behind such chart-toppers as Rubben Studdard’s “Change Me” and Omarion’s “O.” What’s more, Tank served as an associate member of the hit-making production team, The Underdogs, with further credits including the smash soundtrack to the 2006 musical film adaptation of Dreamgirls (in which he also made a cameo). Since releasing his previous album Sex, Love, & Pain in 2007, Tank took a moment to step out of the spotlight, but not necessarily out of the studio. He formed the Los Angeles-based production company Song Dynasty, and began shaping the sound of modern R&B with songs for a diverse roster of artists including Keyshia Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, and Keri Hilson. Though he has enjoyed crafting hits for these artists, Tank is ready to step into the spotlight yet again, and returns with an incredibly personal collection. “I put a lot of my personal business into my music because people relate to it. I sing based upon the things that I’ve been through. I don’t just sing about the pain, I sing about getting through it. Whether I’m singing about sex, relationships, or the occasional party, the songs are still about classic R&B themes.”

Poised to release his fourth studio album Now or Never, Tank is ready to share the intensely intimate themes his fans have come to love, even as he prepares to show an entirely new side of himself. “The sound of this new album is still the traditional R&B formula, but sonically it’s very current,” says Tank. His first single, “Sex Music,” perfectly illustrates his new sound. The high-energy track lives up to its name with a spacey, shuddering beat. Produced by Song Dynasty with Harvey Mason Jr. (Dreamgirls, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake), “Sex Music” is sure to appeal to die-hard Tank fans.

“We’re going to keep pressing forward with this R&B thing,” promises Tank. During the process of bringing Now or Never to life, he’s experimented with new technology and new collaborators, even as he explores the themes that have always moved him. “Emergency” is an emotional ballad with a sense of humor, comparing a woman’s desire to a four-alarm fire. “You Mean that Much” is a soaring, orchestral anthem. “Can I Make Love”, says Tank, “is self-explanatory… I’m known for having songs that give you an opportunity to not say much. All you need is a little eye contact, and it’s on.”

These timeless songs of love, lust, and loss take cinematic tone in the hands of Tank, as he crafts imagery that is uniquely tangible and real. Perhaps it’s his new love of acting that has deepened his storytelling. Tank recently graced the screen in The Preacher’s Kid, and he has been studying acting, though he promises that music will continue to be his first love. “We have to take this stand now because R&B is slowly becoming a lost art,” explains Tank. “R&B music is the thing that connects people.” Though he loves a fantasy party scene as much as any man, Tank writes about the real, everyday emotions and situations that people relate to because, as he says, “we’re meant to move people with this music, and I want to be part of that movement.”

It’s been an incredible journey since Tank was an undiscovered artist with a dream, penning “Maybe I Deserve” in the basement of his mother’s Maryland home, on “an MPC and two keyboards.” The single would go on to dominate urban radio in 2001, when Tank released his gold-certified debut album Force of Nature. Though he has enjoyed remarkable successes throughout his career, Tank considers Now or Never the album when “it all came together.” The title doesn’t just refer to the urgency he feels within R&B as a whole, but also the growth he’s done over the years as an artist. Now re-emerging with a new team and a renewed confidence in his music, Tank is ready to have these songs heard.

“Everything I’ve been through has prepared me for this moment right now. I’ve got a new deal, new energy and new people around who are just as excited about the album as I am. Everything I’ve learned over the years as a producer, writer and artist have gone into Now or Never.”

Tank – Emergency [Official Music Video]



    The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation provides FREE food; clothing; computers; private school and college admissions educational opportunities; assists with referrals for job training and placement; rental assistance; social services assistance; homelessness assistance; mental and physical health assistance; medical assistance and legal aid assistance referrals FREE for ANYONE whom has the need at the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation website.

    Anyone can register at http://AMWFTRUST.ORG by submitting an online request form in a strictly confidential submission and they can also feel free to call the number (510) 394-4101 as well.

A List Celebrities Comps for Kentucky Derby, May 5-7, 2011

If you are or have “A List” Celebrities that would like to attend the Kentucky Derby, May 5-7, 2011you may be able to attend as a select V.I.P. The “A Lister” could receive: air transportation or Private Jet service from major U. S. cities, hotel suites and accommodations, ground transportation, VIP tickets to the Derby, special V.I.P. guest invitations to the exclusive events, 
Contact us ASAP with Celebrity bio for consideration.



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       There are some good entertainment industry job listings on the “Casting Page” with Executive jobs in Sports and Entertainment with casting calls, auditions, and internships on the front page at http://eX-whY.com!


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MAY-APRIL 2011 New Job Listings


Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier is currently expanding its adult theatrical department.  We are seeking an experienced adult theatrical talent agent.  The candidate should have at least 2 years’ experience as a sub-agent.  No trainees or assistants.   Our agency is seeking someone to expand on our already successful adult theatrical, youth, commercial and below the line departments.  All inquiries are completely confidential. Please contact John Frazier at frazier@aeftalent.com

Experienced commercial agent needed for one of LA’s top commercial departments in a full service bicoastal talent agency. Agent must have at least two to three years’ experience in a busy commercial department. Seeking an addition to an established team, must have excellent industry relationships and verifiable history of developing and servicing talent. Please email cover letter and resume (paste your resume into the body of the email – NO attachments) to agencyjobs@aol.com 

The People’s Production Company is hiring four Story Editors.  These are full-time positions based in Sherman Oaks.  As a Story Editor at PPC, you will compose story notes and script coverage, help in the story evaluation process, identify scripts and films for feature development, and assist in the managing of freelance Story Analysts.  Each Story Editor will oversee one of four Genre groups.  To apply, please go to https://us-amazon.icims.com/jobs/intro and search for any of these job numbers:  136878, 136876, 136874, 136872.  If you have questions, contact us at ProjectQD@gmail.com 


United Talent Agency (UTA) seeks qualified candidates for its agent trainee program. Previous industry experience and bachelors degree required. Candidates must be motivated, extremely detail oriented, have excellent communication and organizational skills and a desire to learn the business of talent representation. This is a very demanding environment with excellent opportunities to work in Film, Television, Music, New Media and Entertainment Marketing. Proficiency with Microsoft Office software is mandatory. Compensation includes overtime and full benefits. References required. www.unitedtalent.com for more information. Fax cover letter & resume to (310) 247-1111 or email to HR@unitedtalent.com. Attn: Human Resources. No calls.

Looking for motivated first assistant to established literary manager in Beverly Hills. All the usual assistant duties. Interest in becoming a manager a must. This is a promotion track job. Please email cover letter, resume, coverage sample and references to jobs@radmincompany.com with subject line: Literary Assistant. 

A leading Beverly Hills independent film company has a unique and exciting opportunity for someone with great administrative experience to assist the chairman of the company.  The candidate must have a minimum of 2+ years relevant experience working with key players in the entertainment industry, including executives, producers and managers. This is an extremely busy desk and all candidates must have excellent written, oral & interpersonal communication skills.  Ability to effectively prioritize with strong time management skills, follow up and ability to multitask.  Salary is commensurate with experience and benefits included.  Please email resume90210@gmail.com  

A busy and growing talent and literary management company seeks a part-time assistant to start May 2nd. Duties include but are not limited to heavy phones, scheduling, organizing, helping with submissions, and other duties. Ideal candidate should be personable, able to multi-task, possess good communication skills, and be PC proficient. Great introduction to the representation side of the business. College degree required. Hours are weekdays 10AM-1PM & 3PM-6PM. One year commitment preferable. Salary to be discussed. Please email cover/resume toptasst2011@gmail.com  

Busy talent manager with 14 clients and a number of other ventures seeks a trained, intelligent, type A assistant who is interested in managing actors, developing tv and film projects and a multi-tasker as well as a skilled communicator.  Experience in rolling calls, scheduling and anticipating is preferred.  Please contact us at assistus@ktmgmt.com.

Theatrical Talent Agency seeks Assistant with 3-5 years’ experience, tapped into the milieu, with a strong passion for the business and desire to take on Jr. Agent responsibilities. Must have excellent phone and people skills, as well as a knack for writing. Applicant will be responsible for standard office tasks, should be MAC savvy, detail oriented and organized. Please send cover letter, resume and salary requirements to HRtalentagency@gmail.com  

Assistant to EVP of Production at a busy reality TV company.  Ideal candidate has worked at a production company or agency. Person must have strong interpersonal skills and ability to juggle multiple tasks. Responsibilities include assistant duties, managing production office, and providing support to production staff.  Technical knowledge of Mac products is required.  Please send cover letter and resume to jobs@rrstaff.com with “Assistant to EVP of Production” in subject line.  

Looking for an assistant for two executives at MTV scripted development.  Prior experience on an entertainment desk a must.  Detail-oriented, best of the best, etc.  Send resumes to scriptedasst@gmail.com  

Verve Talent & Literary Agency is seeking a new assistant for one of its partners.  Candidates must be detail-oriented, extremely motivated and passionate about being involved in the representation business.  Extensive knowledge in both features and television, and a year of relevant agency/management experience is required.   Job responsibilities include heavy phones, scheduling and extensive coverage.  Must be a team player with a great attitude and the ability to prioritize several tasks simultaneously. This is a great opportunity at a growing company for the right person.  Please email resume and cover letter to: VerveAsst@gmail.com  

Independent television/film/digital production company seeks experienced executive assistant to partner of the company.  Candidates must have 2-3 years’ experience supporting a senior level executive at studio/network/agency.  Applicants should be extremely organized, detail-oriented, hardworking team players with excellent communication skills and a great attitude.  Proficiency with Macs, iPads, Blackberry is necessary.  Compensation is commensurate with experience.  Please send resumes to careers@bermanbraun.com and write Executive Assistant in the subject line.  

Looking for motivated first assistant to established literary manager in Beverly Hills. All the usual assistant duties. Interest in becoming a manager a must. This is a promotion track job. Please email cover letter, resume, coverage sample and references to jobs@radmincompany.com with subject line: Literary Assistant. 

Full-time first assistant needed for a top Los Angeles commercial department at a full service bicoastal talent agency.  Ideal candidate would have two years agency experience, excellent communication abilities, computer fluency, as well as exceptional organizational and problem solving skills. Multi tasking in a fast paced environment necessary, as well as good humor under stress.  Looking to hire immediately. Local Applicants only. Please email cover letter and resume (paste your resume into the body of the email – no attachments) to agencyjobs@aol.com 

Immediate entry-level Department Assistant position available in the Theatre (Stage) Department of a bicoastal talent agency based in Los Angeles. Candidates must be dedicated, organized, able to multi-task, and have excellent computer and people skills.  Candidate must also be reliable, enthusiastic and intelligent.  Knowledge of theatre and office skills are required. Please email cover letter, resume and a (writing sample in the form of a business letter) to Lindsey@ksrtalent.com  

Partner of management/production company Kritzer Levine Wilkins Griffin Entertainment is seeking an executive assistant.  Ideal candidate is an ambitious person with a strong interest in talent management and the desire to be promoted in house is a must.  Great opportunity for someone who seeks mentorship and wants to take his or her career to the next level.  At least one year of talent experience (preferably agency experience) is required.  Standard industry pay, benefits and hours.  Please email resumes to wilkinsasst@klwg-ent.com  

Boutique management company seeks qualified assistant. Candidates must have excellent people skills, ability to multi-task, strong attention to detail, and previous agency or management experience. Duties include rolling calls, heavy scheduling, database upkeep, and maintaining a general sense of order in clients and managers lives. Send cover letter and resume to: managementasst2011@gmail.com  

Award winning screenwriter and future director looking for intelligent, personable assistant to run their office. Applicants must have at least one year industry experience with references; have excellent phone, writing, and researching skills and be computer savvy. A strong ability to prioritize, multi task and organize a great advantage. Perfect position to see what it’s like from the creative side of the business. Please email resume to: omiohmyproductions@gmail.com , subject line to read “Assistant Position”  

Assistant needed for Producer in prep on studio film with others in development. Responsibilities include office management (schedules, phones, submissions), project coordination and working side-by-side with Producer in all aspects of job.  Must be Mac, Office proficient. Tech proficiency a plus. Must be energetic, reliable, and detail-oriented.  Previous agency/management or assistant experience mandatory. Entry-level salary with basic health plan; and bonus/incentive structure. Send resumes/cover letters to ProdAsst310@gmail.com

Mess Media, a reality TV production company, seeks a temporary assistant to the president/CEO that could lead to a permanent position. Responsibilities include answering phones, scheduling, filing and some heavy lifting. Additionally, the assistant will be exposed to development, production and post-opportunities. Qualifications needed for this position are an understanding of computers and office software, phone experience and an interest in reality television. Please send resumes to frontdesk@messmediatv.com.  

Santa Monica based TV Production Company seeks a professional administrative assistant with 3-5 years’ experience to work with two busy television executives.  Applicant must be a motivated self-starter with exceptional people skills.  Must have excellent written and organizational skills and be proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  Administrative duties will include scheduling meetings, maintaining calendars, handling incoming calls, arranging travel and managing correspondence.  Looking for a team player who can thrive in a fast paced work environment! Please send resume and cover letter to:  agoodproduction@yahoo.com  

Preferred Content, a film, television and digital production, sales and finance advisory company, is seeking an experienced administrative assistant for one of its Managing Partners.  Responsibilities include heavy phones, scheduling, film/television/digital project tracking and evaluation and general administrative duties. Fast paced, high energy work environment with potential for growth. Agency experience a must.  Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.  Please submit cover letter and resume to info@preferredcontent.net.  

A talent management company seeks an organized and self-motivated assistant to one of the

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