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FREE tickets to the Soul Survivors Show, Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 8:00pm at Yoshi’s, Oakland; Hiroshima, Friday, May 27, 2011, 8:00pm at Yoshi’s, Oakland; Bobby Blue Bland Show, Saturday, June 18, 2011, 8:00pm at Yoshi’s, San Francisco; and D. J. Pete Rock Show Saturday, June 18, 2011, 10:30pm at Yoshi’s, San Francisco. The tickets will be awarded via our Twitter or website, so if you haven’t already, you should join us on:

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Yoshi’s Oakland

May 25, 2011

Yoshi’s Oakland
510 Embarcadero W
Oakland Ca 94607

Wednesday, May 25

Vivian Green

Growing up in the East Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, Vivian Green’s musical talents emerged early in life. After receiving early training as a classical pianist and vocalist, she gained invaluable experience performing in jazz clubs, weddings and corporate functions. By covering songs by Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Donna Summer, and Aretha Franklin, among others, Vivian strengthened her vocal range. She recorded demos of her own compositions through her teen years, and received her first professional songwriting credit when Boyz II Men recorded her “Dear God” on their platinum-selling album Evolution.

Vivian’s increasing notoriety helped to win her a record deal with Sony Music, which released her debut album A Love Story in 2002. That disc spawned the urban AC/dance hits “Emotional Rollercoaster” and “Fanatic,” and established Vivian as one of the year’s most celebrated new artists. After a three-year recording hiatus, during which she gave birth to a son, she broke new musical ground on her second album Vivian, which produced the number one AC/dance singles “Gotta Go, Gotta Leave” and “I Like it But I Don’t Need It.” Vivian won rave reviews in such outlets as People, Rolling Stone and The New York Times, which described the album as “a stellar sophomore accomplishment.” Touring to support her first two albums, Vivian won a reputation as a riveting live performer, sharing stages with such artists as Maxwell, Teena Marie, Betty Wright, Chaka Khan, Betty Wright, Q-Tip, Anthony Hamilton, and Common.

In 2003, Vivian made her film debut, portraying Billie Holiday and performing the Holiday classic “Love for Sale” in the Oscar-nominated Cole Porter biopic De-Lovely. Two years later, she appeared in the TV series American Dreams, playing the role of Brenda Holloway and singing Holloway’s Motown hit “Every Little But Hurts.” Vivian wrote the music for David E. Talbert’s popular all-star stage play Love in the Nick of Tyme, which debuted in 2007. Also in 2007, she guested on Guru’s album Jazzmatazz Vol. 4 and Cyndi Lauper’s The Body Acoustic.

Vivian Green’s varied musical and personal experiences are reflected in the personally charged, effortlessly soulful music she makes on Beautiful. “As we get older,” she notes, “we get wiser and stronger and more secure in who we are. That’s definitely been true for me, and I hope that it comes through in the music I make.”

Eric Roberson

Inspiring, humble, eclectic, and daring…a leader, an entrepreneur, an innovator, and an outstanding story teller…These are just a few of the words that describe Blue Erro Soul’s acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer, Eric Roberson. For the past fifteen years, Roberson, also known as “Erro” by adoring family, friends, and fans, has remained a prevalent force in today’s music. Elements ranging from Soul, Rhythm & Blues, House, Hip-Hop and more can be detected throughout Roberson’s original and contemporary sound- not allowing him to be confined or limited to any one of these genres. His music is personal, poetic, positive and progressive. It is classic music presented in an untraditional fashion. Eric Roberson has truly established himself as a leader in Independent music, refusing to fit into any mold, but creating a path of success of his own to follow.

With a multifaceted body of work heard more often than many realize, “Erro” has earned the great respect and admiration of his peers and fans. Recognized for his undeniable talents, he became the first independent artist to be nominated for a BET Award in 2007 and was the recipient of the Underground Artist of the Year BETJ Virtual Award with Rahsaan Patterson in 2008. Roberson has worked along the side of, as well as written for, many established producers and artists; some of whom include DJ Jazzy Jeff, Osulande, Jill Scott, Musiq, Carl Thomas, Vivian Green, and Will Smith.

Roberson’s latest project, Music Fan First, is a celebration of the ultimate partnership between music and its fans. His seventh album contains over an hour and 15 minutes of nonstop music presented in 17 new songs. The CD artwork is a 28-page tribute to music and its faithful followers, including over 700 pictures of music fans from all over the world, who submitted photos. With features by musical friends such as Lalah Hathaway, T3 of Slum Village, Wayna and several others, the award-winning singer/songwriter/producer held nothing back in creating the musical portrait he had in his head.

Released in late summer 2009, Music Fan First debuted at #5 on the ITunes R&B/Soul Charts, entered the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at #91 for the song “Borrow You”, and at #84 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart for the album. And most deservingly, the song “A Tale of Two” off of Music Fan First has been nominated for a 2010 Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance, an amazing accomplishment for an Independent artist.




Yoshi’s Oakland

May 27, 2011

Yoshi’s Oakland
510 Embarcadero W
Oakland Ca 94607

Special Guest Vocalist Terry Steele

Since Hiroshima’s inception in 1980, the group has assumed the artistic mission of bridging cultural divides through the power of music. Hiroshima has borrowed from numerous cultures – Asian, Latin American, African American and more – and merged these influences into a unique and innovative whole that is solely their own. The result is a brand of music that speaks to nearly every aspect of contemporary culture.


Bobby Blue Bland


Yoshi’s- San Francisco

June 18, 2011 8:00 PM.

Yoshi’s- San Francisco
1330 Fillmore Street
San Francisco CA 94115

A True Blues Legend

Born January 27, 1930, Rosemark, Tennessee. Moved to Memphis 1948. Played with Billy ‘Red’ Love and other influential Delta musicians. First recording was Dry Up Baby (Modern 848). Entered Armed Services 1952, joined Johnny Ace Revue after discharge, having signed with Duke Records. First smash hit, It’s My Life Baby, 1955 followed by years of consistent success in R&B market.

In the 50s and early 60s, Bobby “Blue” Bland was one of the main creators of the modern soul-blues sound. Along with such artists as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Junior Parker, Bland developed a sound that mixed gospel with blues and R&B. Bobby’s style of soul-blues was punctuated with a big-band sound and slick, B.B. King-flavored guitar riffs.

Bland was born and raised in Rosemark, a small town just outside Memphis. In 1947 he moved to the city with his mother and began his career, first as a singer in the gospel group the Miniatures, then in the loosely knit blues group the Beale Streeters, which included such future blues stars as Johnny Ace, B.B. King, Junior Parker, and Rosco Gordon .
Bland’s first recordings were from 1950 to 1952, when he cut sides for the Modern and Chess labels. Being drafted into the army in 1952 put his career on hold, but shortly after his discharge in 1954, he began a long-term relationship with Duke Records. This would result in dozens of records, many of them big sellers in the R&B market.

Bobby’s first Duke single, “It’s My Life, Baby,” was released in 1955. Two years later, he scored with the seminal Texas shuffle “Farther Up The Road” (115 k, 10 sec.), which went to number 1 on the R&B charts. Follow-up records included two 1961 hits, “I Pity the Fool,” which also made it to number 1 on the R&B charts, and “Turn on Your Love Light,” which went to number 2. “That’s the Way Love Is,” a 1963 release, gave Bland his third number 1 hit.

From 1957 to 1961 Bland played the chitlin’ circuit with Junior Parker and his band, the Blue Flames. But in 1961 Bland broke with Parker, went out on his own, and rose to his greatest popularity. Because Bland neither composed nor played an instrument, he relied on others for songs and inspired instrumentation. Joe Scott, his bandleader and arranger, and for years one of Duke label owner Don Robey’s chief talent scouts, helped create Bland’s big-band sound. Just as important to Bland’s sound was guitarist Wayne Bennett, who complemented the horns and Bland’s vocals with jazz-influenced solos,a la T-Bone Walker and B.B. King.

Bland worked with Scott and Bennett until 1968 when the band broke up, partially the result of Bland’s alleged alcohol problems. But Bland resuscitated his career in 1972, this time with producer Steve Garrie and bandleader Ernie Fields, Jr. Rather than dwell on R&B ballads, Garrie gave Bland a blues-based sound that resulted in two of his more commercially successful albums: California Album (1973) and Dreamer (1974). Both works were released on the ABC-Dunhill label, the company that purchased Duke in 1972.

Despite Bland’s extensive recording catalogue, his long-term success on the R&B charts, and his near-constant touring (often with longtime friend B.B. King), he rarely crossed over into the pop realm. Dozens of blues and R&B influenced rock vocalists, however, have credited Bland as a main influence. Throughout the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, he continued to record, mostly for the Jackson, Mississippi, blues label, Malaco. Bland was inducted into the Blues Foundation’s Hall of Fame in 1981 and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. He continues to perform regularly.




Yoshi’s- San Francisco

June 18, 2011 10:30 PM.

Yoshi’s- San Francisco
1330 Fillmore Street
San Francisco CA 94115

Rapper, DJ, and producer Pete Rock first emerged in 1991 as one half of a duo with C.L. Smooth, debuting with the All Souled Out EP. A hit LP, Mecca and the Soul Brother, followed before the two went their separate ways in the wake of 1994’s The Main Ingredient, with Rock remaining a prolific studio presence prior to the release of his solo debut, Soul Survivor, on Loud/RCA four years later. Dropped from the label, he continued his career as an independent producer, and later signed to Rapster/BBE in 2001 for PeteStrumentals. Two years later, the label released a two-part compilation of mid-’90s LPs with Lost and Found. In 2004, Rock produced the sequel to his debut, Soul Survivor II, with features coming from Pharoahe Monch, Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, and former partner C.L. Smooth. During the next few years, Rock focused on producing for other artists, including Edo G and Ghostface Killah, releasing his next solo album, NY’s Finest, in early 2008. – Jason Ankeny, Rovi



    The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation (A&MWF) is a non-denominational, multi-cultural,100% volunteer financed and operated relief organization that provides FREE food, medicine, clothing, educational and employment opportunities, mental and physical health referrals, legal aid, shelter and other necessities to individuals, children, families, and organizations who lack these essentials for any reason. We provide private school and college admissions educational opportunities; assists with referrals for job training and placement; rental assistance; social services assistance; homelessness assistance; mental and physical health assistance; medical assistance and legal aid assistance referrals FREE for ANYONE whom has the need at the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation website.

Providing The Necessities For Success In Life

A&MWF, a public services organization based on GIVING AND SHARING, has created a 100% volunteer self-operated, self-supported, self financed model defined by developing the marketplace of a network that features high-performing results in the invaluable areas of: youth development; elementary, secondary and college education; poverty alleviation; mental and physical health medical services; social services, as well as other economic-empowerment programs for individuals, families; and small businesses.

A&MWF delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to over 2,500 individuals- children, families, and organizations per month who lack these essentials and is pioneering a new trend, as government and community funds grapple with the recession and the challenges of raising funds, WE have forged an awareness and sustained an effort to connect those in dire need with service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups with these causes. We have taken community foundations and moved into social networking, reaching beyond static “bricks and mortar” to interactive Web sites to serve as a dynamic virtual clearinghouses or “town square” that holds conversations between those in NEED and their local charities, citizens, donors, and volunteers.

A&MWF has made it easy and effortless for service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups to connect with those in NEED, as we have received more individuals needs profiles submitted on this site. The profiles include their contact information, information about their needs, desired solutions, pleas for their need satisfaction, and a listing of opportunities to achieve their solution. We also have profiles submitted of individuals as prospective donors or volunteers, include information about the causes that interest them.

If you or someone that you know needs Quality of Life Aid, PLEASE fill out the form below so that we can determine the best way to assist them.

    Anyone can register at http://AMWFTRUST.ORG by submitting an online request form in a strictly confidential submission and they can also feel free to call the number (510) 394-4101 as well.



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Hop culture, it’s sound, it’s fashion, it’s speak, it’s bravado, it’s image, it’s way, as the vehicle. We have registered the services of Hip Hop, Rap and RB’s elite artists, producers, directors, writers, choreographers, dancers, graff artist, B-boys, photographers, actors, models, and professional athletes to participate in this ¿eX-whY AdVentures?. We are producing commercial ads from concept, to creation, to production, to placement in media, – the entire process-, while owning our product!!!
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       We can send Photos, Bios, videos, Comp Cards, CV with samples of work and salary requirements, where necessary. We are members of the Casting Society of America (C.S.A.), Independent Film Producers (I.F.P.), Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.), and Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) to list a few.
       There are some good entertainment industry job listings on the “Casting Page” with Executive jobs in Sports and Entertainment with casting calls, auditions, and internships on the front page at http://eX-whY.com!


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JUNE-MAY 2011 New Job Listings


Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier is looking for an experienced talent agent for its adult theatrical department.  We are expanding our existing adult theatrical, youth, commercial and below the line departments.  We are seeking an experienced adult talent agent with at least one to two years’ experience.  Please, no trainees.  All submissions will be completely confidential.  Please email frazier@aeftalent.com


United Talent Agency (UTA) seeks qualified candidates for its agent trainee program. Previous industry experience and bachelors degree required. Candidates must be motivated, extremely detail oriented, have excellent communication and organizational skills and a desire to learn the business of talent representation. This is a very demanding environment with excellent opportunities to work in Film, Television, Music, New Media and Entertainment Marketing. Proficiency with Microsoft Office software is mandatory. Compensation includes overtime and full benefits. References required. www.unitedtalent.com for more information. Fax cover letter & resume to (310) 247-1111 or email to HR@unitedtalent.com. Attn: Human Resources. No calls.

Beverly Hills based management firm seeks to engage a savvy, fast paced, multi-tasking associate to support and assist the Talent division of a diverse company. Responsibilities will include administrative, scheduling and phone call management. The ideal candidate will possess a desire to learn and engage in a variety of entertainment related tasks, including close work with casting directors, agents, publicists and attorneys. Other tasks will include monitoring of breakdowns, submissions, tracking finances and maintaining the company database. Applicants must have a college degree and proper business acumen, and have mastered Word/Powerpoint/Excel. Previous work experience highly preferred. Knowledge of Breakdown Services and InEntertainment preferred. Please email resumes to talentbrand.job@gmail.com

Red Barn Pictures, Venice-based production company, seeks part-time assistant (20 hour/week) for script coverage, filing, data entry, research, errands. Red Barn produces independent fiction and documentary films. The principals have had numerous projects screen at Sundance, Toronto and Cannes. Please send your resume to info@redbarnpics.com 

Santa Monica-based entertainment company specializing in live-action and animation production seeks development assistant. Duties at this entrepreneurial company range from typical assistant duties, general office duties, tracking, research and networking. Company makes movies, TV and location based entertainment. Must love dogs! Please send resumes to devasst8010@gmail.com.

Dick Clark Productions is seeking an Executive Assistant to the President of the company.  Ideal candidate will have very strong writing, organizational, communication and time management skills while supporting a very busy, creative and multi-faceted executive.  This is a great position for someone looking to work in a small to mid-size production company. Must have flexibility to work long hours and travel. Please email cover letter and resume to: amazareas@dickclark.com

Top Below-the-Line Agency in Beverly Hills seeks executive assistant to SVP of television and features. Candidates will juggle multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment. Heavy Phones. Industry hours. Top candidates will have grace under pressure, ability to multi-task, strong follow through skills and a working knowledge of the physical production world. Microsoft Office experience is required. Opportunities for advancement exist. Excellent health plan and 401K. Salary based on experience. Please send resumé, cover letter and salary history to: jobopp.execasst@gmail.com 

The Syfy Network is looking for an Administrative Assistant to support a SVP, Alternative Programming. This fulltime position is based in Universal City, CA. Main responsibilities are to coordinate meetings, maintain files and status reports for all aspects of production. Answer telephones, scheduling, copying & faxing, filing, & planning travel arrangements for executives. Please apply to nbcunicareers.com # 1830. If you have any questions feel free to contact Shannon.morten@nbcuni.com

President of Century City based int’l film company seeking an assistant.  Knowledge of the film industry a must. Duties include handling calls, scheduling meetings, travel, preparing film markets, and personal matters.  Administrative duties include managing office, providing basic level of tech support.  Some financial work / bookkeeping also required.  Proficiency in Outlook 2007, Word, Excel.  Hours: 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday. $10/hour. Send resume/cover letter to: jbliah@gmail.com 

A busy boutique talent agency seeks an assistant to start immediately.  Duties include but are not limited to heavy phones, rolling calls, scheduling, sending out auditions, filing, helping with submissions, and other duties.  Ideal candidate should be personable, thick-skinned, able to multi-task, possess great communication skills, and be PC proficient.  Low pay to start and no health insurance can be offered presently, but a great opportunity with great people.  One to two years of agency experience necessary or resume will not be considered.  Knowledge of InEntertainment and Breakdown Services experience is must.  Please email cover letter & resume to: agencyassistant2011@gmail.com

Production company at major studio is seeking a top-notch assistant for the Executive Vice President of Production.  Candidates must be highly motivated college  graduates with agency or network experience.  Strong writing skills are a plus and they must know the important  names.  Typical assistant duties (heavy phones, scheduling, travel and some personal) as well as researching and contributing to projects in development.  Job requires total confidentiality.   Candidates with at least one year of experience should email resume to benjamin_hasskamp@spe.sony.com.

Relativity Media seeks an Executive Assistant to the COO.  Must have previous assistant experience in the entertainment industry, preferably in an agency or production company environment.  Position requires superior skills in communication, organization, and prioritizing of tasks.  Duties include rolling calls, managing schedule, maintaining contact database, and other tasks as needed. Send resume and cover letter to jobs@relativitymedia.com with Assistant to COO in the subject line.  No calls, please. 

Seeking a driven and efficient management assistant for a bi-coastal boutique talent management and production company. Candidate must be articulate, personable, and able to multitask, as you will be assisting two managers, in addition to liaising with our New York office. We are looking for someone interested in pursuing a career in the talent management industry; for the right person, this position has the potential to lead to future opportunities including a promotion to Junior Manager.   We are moving quickly with our interview process. Please email your resume to: new.asst.s3@gmail.com

PA wanted for busy producer with multiple movies going into production at Blumhouse Productions. Job duties entail driving producer to and from meetings, to and from set, coordinating with first assistant, and always being ready. Ideal job for a writer as there is plenty of down-time throughout the day. Please direct resumes to asst1288@gmail.com. Job set to start in June. 

Busy model and talent agency seek an assistant who want to learn about the modeling/tv commercial industry. Candidates should be computer literate, detail-oriented and creative with strong communication skills. Typical assistant duties. Email resume and cover letter to: agencyasst.resumes@gmail.com

Santa Monica Production Company seeks assistant to two executives. Company focuses on comic book adaptations for film, television and animation. Must have some prior experience in entertainment. Agency experience is a plus.  Strong organizational and communication skills an absolute must. Typical administrative duties, as well as updating website, aiding accountant, scheduling and working with animation and development department.  Require a recommendation. Please send resumes to kickstartasst@gmail.com

A busy boutique talent agency seeks an assistant to start immediately.  Duties include but are not limited to heavy phones, rolling calls, scheduling, sending out auditions, filing, helping with submissions, and other duties.  Ideal candidate should be personable, thick-skinned, able to multi-task, possess great communication skills, and be PC proficient.  Opening salary not great, long hours, but an amazing opportunity. No health insurance. 2 years agency experience a must or resume will not be considered.  Knowledge of InEntertainment and Breakdown Services experience is preferable.  Please email cover letter & resume to agencyassistant2011@gmail.com

Los Angeles based television production company is seeking a top-notch assistant for the company Partners/Executive Producers.  Will be running the offices of two VERY busy Execs.  Candidates must be a college graduate, highly motivated with agency or network experience, strong writing and editorial skills are a plus and must know the important names in non-scripted and scripted television.  Typical assistant duties (heavy phones, scheduling, travel and some personal) as well as researching and contributing to projects in development.  Job requires long hours and total confidentiality.  You must be extremely organized, able to multi-task, Mac literate and Internet savvy. Candidates with at least one year of experience should email a cover letter and resume to  tvprodasst121@gmail.com 

Bloc Talent Agency, a boutique, bicoastal talent agency seeking an assistant for their Los Angeles office.  Offering above standard industry pay, medical benefits, 401K.  Requires at least one year experience in relevant talent agency or casting office, superior communication skills and a well-organized multi-tasker.  Must be PC literate, available Monday-Friday and motivated to eventually become an agent. Background in dance would be ideal.  Qualified applicants should email their resume ASAP to blocagencyjob@gmail.com

Leading creative entertainment company seeks entry level Assistant for COO and HR Director.  1+ years’ experience, college degree preferred.  Positive attitude a must!  Coordinate press kits, proposals, contracts, expense reports, job costs, recruitment, new hires, travel, etc.   Proficient with Microsoft Office required.  Must be a team player, organized and work with confidential information.  Great company and benefits.  Send cover letter, resume, salary history to: job3936@gmail.com.  Include in email subject line:  A-UTA 

Busy management/production company seeks assistant to CEO (manager/producer – clients on network/cable television, scripted/unscripted shows on air). Motivated, industrious self-starter. Adept at communication, organization, multitasking and prioritizing, and keen eye for detail. Heavy email & rolling calls, scheduling, administrative duties, also opportunity for development/research work. Superior academic credentials a plus. Office vibe is laidback and fun, but also dynamic and busy. Sense of humor a plus. Competitive pay, benefits. Please submit cover letter, references, and resume to assistant.amgmt@gmail.com.

The Ant Farm seeks a Games Assistant.  1+ years experience, university degree and passion for games required.  Knowledge of post production, tape formats, Mac, Excel, Word, Entourage, Photoshop and Illustrator.  Maintain On-Air, department schedule and contracts.  Create

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