VIP Events
Feb. 25th: NAACP Image Awards (LA)
Feb. 27th-March 7th: Paris Fashion Week (Paris)
March 4th: 2023 Kids Choice Awards (LA)
March 10th: “Women in Film” Oscar Nominee Reception (LA)
March 10th: Hollywood Hills Celebrity Pre-Oscar Party (LA)
March 12th: Elton John Oscar After Party (LA)
April 13th: Phantom of the Opera VIP Experience (NY)
April 14th-16th, 21st-23rd: Coachella Music Festival & Parties (Palm Springs Area)
April 28th-30th, 2023: Stagecoach Country Music Festival (Palm Springs Area)
– Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon VIP Tickets (NYC)
– Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert VIP Tickets (NYC)
– “Access Hollywood” VIP Experience
2023 NAACP Image Awards
Date: Saturday, Feb. 25th, 2023, 5PM
Location: Pasadena Civic Auditorium
Description: Celebrate the year’s most outstanding Black Performers, Authors and Entertainers at the NAACP Image Awards with After Party!
Paris Fashion Week
Dates: Monday, Feb. 27th – Tuesday, March 7th, 2023
Please note that if a show is not reserved far enough in advance it becomes more difficult to secure or that show may become unavailable.
Tuesday, February 28th
8:00 PM: Yves Saint Laurent
Wednesday, March 1st
8:30 PM: Balmain
Thursday, March 2nd
11:30 AM: Off-White (official invitation)
7:00 PM: Schiaparelli
8:30 PM: Isabel Marant
Friday, March 3rd
8:30 PM: Coperni
2:30 PM: Giambattista Valli
Saturday, March 4th
2:30 PM: Hermès
4:00 PM: Elie Saab
Sunday, March 5th
11:30 AM: Balenciaga
4:00 PM: Palm Angels
8:00 PM: Valentino (with official invitation)
Monday, March 6th
7:00 PM: Dundas
“Women in Film” Oscar Nominee Reception
Date: Friday, March 10th, 2023, -5:30PM
Location: Neuehouse, Los Angeles
Description: Reception honoring female Oscar nominees. Will have several in attendance as well as other celebrities.
Hollywood Hills Celebrity Pre-Oscar Party
Date: Friday, March 10th, 2023, 10PM – LATE
Location: private residence, typically in Hollywood Hills
Description: Co-hosted by Gerard Butler & Other Hollywood Heavyweights, this ultra-exclusive combination pre-Oscar and Birthday party has a long list of A-List previous attendees, including Elon Musk, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sacha Baron Cohen, Al Pacino, Chris Evans, Jamie Foxx, and more¦
Elton John Academy Awards After Party
Date: Sunday, March 12th, 2023 8:45PM-AM
Location: Custom Built Venue in West Hollywood Park, Los Angeles
Description: Red Carpet and After Party hosted by Elton John and a long list of A-List Event Co-Chairs
After Party Only (includes red carpet; ALMOST AT CAPACITY!)
NEON CARNIVAL PARTY (SATURDAY, April 15th, 2023, 10pm to 3am)
One of the most buzz worthy parties of Coachella is undoubtedly this event, which is taking place on. It’s being held on the Tradition Aviation airplane hangar near the festival grounds and will include rides, carnival games, cocktails by Svedka Vodka, and DJs like Jus Ske.
2023 Stagecoach Music Festival
Dates: Friday, April 28th, 2023 Sunday, April 30th, 2023
Location: Indio, CA (near Palm Springs)
Description: One of the top Country Music-focused Festivals, featuring top country acts as well as some Rock artists.Artist Pass, Artist Parking Pass

Abdul-Jalil’s Profile

“In another religion they honor people who serve like you with Sainthood!”” – Economics Professor Adeel Malik, Oxford University, England and World Renowned News Expert Commentator, speaking about Abdul-Jalil and the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation.
“GOD sent me an ANGEL!”” – Hammer, speaking about Abdul-Jalil.
“Jalil, YOU ARE A TZADIK (SAINT)!”– Barry Barkan, Live Oak Institute and
  Ashoka Fellow at Ashoka Foundation:Innovators for the Public
“I thank God for you and for bringing you into my life and for the ministry you have been given to help the people of God!”– Pastor L. J. Jennings, Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship, speaking about Abdul-Jalil and AMWF
As an Elementary School, seven (7) year old Third (3rd) grader at the end of the school year, Jalil was administered the Standard Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test and scored 183 to certify him as GENIUS! As a Fourth (4th) grader he was placed in an experimental study group with the top 10 highest scoring students, whom were allowed to study at their own rate and had to fully complete each grade level and test out in the 70% percentile or greater to advance to the next grade level.
So from his Elementary School Fourth (4th) grade year until the completion of his Six (6th) grade year he studied with the same students, with the same teacher, in the same classroom for those three (3) years. During that time he completed the Fourth (4th) grade through Ninth (9th) grade years and tested out no less then 98% percentile for each year! He was to enter High School as a Sophomore even though he was only 11 year olds! His friends from those days still refer to him as “BOY WONDER!!”
There were many meetings with him, his parents, the Elementary School administration, the School DistrictAdministration and the District School Board to authorize his placement into High School. It was finally determined that it would ultimately be the decision of him and his parents. During a final meeting with his teacher and principal, he was asked by his mother and father if he would want to be in the same classroom with his older brother for three (3) years, to which he reacted “Oh NO!”.
He enrolled in Junior High School with his class and having already completed the three years of class work, he took electives and special independent study with classes in Chinese Mandarin, Advanced Spanish, Humanities, Advanced Math, Music, Advanced Writing, and was named the Publisher of the School Newspaper, had his own columns and crosswords. 
“Imaginative, foresighted, some pretty impressive credentials. His I.Q. QUALIFIES HIM AS A GENIUS.“ UPI
Only person to graduate from University of California, Berkeley in 2.5 years and achieve letters in three academic disciplines of Business Administration, Educational Psychology, and Sociology; ~ Completed now mandatory 4 year Walter A. Haas School of Business Degree in 15 months, ~ Took and passed one full year class load in one college academic quarter!,~ “Recognized for Genius I.Q”- UPI and AP., ~As a senior founded a Minority Scholar-Athlete Admissions Program at U. C. Berkeley, ~Had completed 1.5 years of 2 year MBA program before entering Stanford Graduate School of Business as a result of Undergraduate Business Degree from Cal Berkeley, Upon completing Cal he took the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) – a mandatory test to enter top Master and PHD Doctorate Programs in Business and scored so high ABOVE 710, that the Educational Testing Service and Haas Administration thought it impossible to achieve without cheating! He was then asked (required) to take the test again under strict surveillance and supervision in a private room with just him and 2 ETS test administrators! To EVERYONE’s chagrin, the results of the second supervised test revealed he scored HIGHER than the first test!
Jalil with of his Rolls Royces
As President and CEO of Superstar Management since 1971, the first African-American in this field, Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim has a tremendous wealth of experience in all aspects of business and personal management, contract drafting and negotiations, and performed all arbitrations of salary grievances and contract disputes for all professional sports and entertainment clients with unprecedented legal and historical results. He negotiates and drafts all agreements for all publishing, merchandising and licensing; commercial advertisements and product endorsements; corporate sponsorships and affiliations; motion picture, television, radio and personal appearances. He was the first “SUPER AGENT”, CREATED the Profession of Sports/Music/Entertainment Branding, Marketing and Promoting, the African-American in the field and has taught and lectured Entertainment Law for 35 years. Many of the agents and lawyers in the business where instructed, consulted, influenced or inspired by his work….
Abdul Jalil, without ever attending Law School, has made “Law Review” setting NEW LAW in four different areas, and published in over Seven Universities Law Reviews, Scholarly Commons, and multiple Course Outlines, Student Journals in the specialty area of Contracts, Finance, Interest, Loans, Reserve/Free Agency System and Restraint of Trade, Sherman Anti-trust Act (15 USC § 1,2), NLRA, Labor Exemption from Antitrust Law, Collective Bargaining, Labor law, Antitrust, Federal Arbitration, Civil Rights, and Insurance; Sports Music Entertainment Talk Show Founder, Producer and Host, CSA; Expert and Guest Political Legal Business Sports Music Entertainment Analyst and Commentator; Business Sports Music Entertainment Law Lecturer Presenter; Sports Color Commentator; His “The Stars” show was the FIRST Cable Business/Sports/Music/Entertainment Talk Show in 1973; OpEd Columnist/Journalist; Sports, Music, Entertainment and Variety Film, TV, Concert and Special Events Content Creator Producer Developer Runner Promoter; Islamic Dawah Lecturer Presenter; His Computer Intelligence Company First and Only Minority Certified IBM, Apple, Compact, Microsoft Computer Value Added Dealer (1982); Computer Technology Lecturer Presenter; MWBE Specialist.
As CEO and President of the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation (AMWF), I want to sincerely “THANK” ALL my/our supporters and I am thankful of the recognition for the work done as a Humanitarian for societal change/advancement with the establishment of real economic, social, and political equality across gender and color lines, in Civil Rights and Social Services addressing: Homelessness; Constitutional Reform; Social Justice Reform; Hunger and Food Insecurity; Police Reform; Climate Justice Reform; Criminal Justice Reform; Gun Violence; Religious Hate, Bias, Islamophobia, Xenophobia and Bigotry; Immigration/Refugee Crisis; Healthcare; Education Equality; School-to-Prison Pipeline; Wealth Inequality/Poverty and Basic Needs; Voter Rights; COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Response; Sport and Athletes Human Rights and the fight for Judicial Reform to END Grand Systemic and Endemic Corruption, that includes Judicial/Legal Systemic Racism, Bigotry, Persecution, as a subset, that provides for the unlawful, and unconstitutional acts of The “COURTEL”- COURT CORRUPTION CARTEL, the Corruptocrats and Kleptocrat politicians.
Beauford Delaney (1901-1979) “Portraitist of the Famous”
“Perhaps I should say, flatly, what I believe–that he is a great painter, among the very greatest; but I do know that great art can only be created out of love, and that no greater lover has ever held a brush.”
James Baldwin (1924-1987), writer, friend of artist Beauford Delaney
Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, c.1971
In 1971 Abdul-Jalil had the HONOR of having his portrait painted by Beauford Delaney, hailed as the most important African-American artists of the 20th century, whose life appeared to symbolize the mythical artistic existence of privation and relative obscurity, that show a retrospective of “uninhibited colorist (though never an unintelligent one)” that is “apotheosized” and whose talent and “free, open and outgoing nature” engendered admiration from everyone whom was fortunate enough to encounter him as he was THE darling of the international culture scene in New York and Paris. James Baldwin called him his “spiritual father.”
Remembering THE Greatest artists of the 20th century, the ‘amazing and invariable’ Beauford Delaney, the “Portraitist of the Famous”, who’s masterpieces are trumpeted as cutting-edge work in Black aesthetics, stylistic evolution from representation to pure abstraction, with new and radical theories with his techniques and expression of the politics of Black arts, affording him his very own, singular serious stature among abstract expressionists, transforming the critical landscape into a growing interest in his creation of “Black Abstraction”!
For more than a decade, Delaney showed compelling, vibrant images of energetic life: produced engaging abstract works, portraits, landscapes, and abstractions celebrated for their brilliance and technical complexity with his dramatic stylistic shift from figurative compositions of life to abstract expressionist studies of color and light, powerful works of art and culture, illuminate some of Delaney’s most innovative years and firmly place his work among the dominant art movements of the day.
James Baldwin and Beauford Delaney in Harlem
The fascinating Beauford Delaney is a Modern artist who produced engaging portraits, landscapes, and abstractions celebrated for their brilliance and technical complexity with his dramatic stylistic shift from figurative compositions of New York life to abstract expressionist studies of color and light following his move to Paris in 1953, illuminate some of Delaney’s most innovative years and firmly place his work among the dominant art movements of the day! 
The career of Beauford Delaney (1901-79) was mainly working with Expressionism, Harlem Renaissance who’s first exhibition was New Names In American Art: Recent Contributions To Painting And Sculpture By Negro Artists at The Renaissance Society in Chicago, IL in 1944, and the most recent exhibition was Art Basel Miami Beach 2020 – online viewing only at Art Basel Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL in 2020. Beauford Delaney is mostly exhibited in United States, but also had exhibitions in Germany, United Kingdom and elsewhere. Delaney has 10 solo shows and 79 group shows over the last 76 years (for more information, see biography). Delaney has also been in 7 art fairs but in no biennials. The most important show was Beauford Delaney: From New York to Paris at Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, PA in 2005. Other important shows were at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts in Minneapolis, MN and The Studio Museum in Harlem in New York City, NY. Beauford Delaney has been exhibited with Norman Lewis and Romare Bearden. Beauford Delaney’s art is in 9 museum collections, at France at the Museum of Modern Art , École des Beaux-Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, NY and The Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL, featured in Jet and Playboy magazines among others.
Beauford Delaney is ranked among the Top 10 globally, and in United States. Delaney’s best rank was in 1944, the artist’s rank has improved over the last 5 years, with the most dramatic change in 1992.
His list of friends and acquaintances including artists, World Leaders, politicians, activist, authors/poets/writers, intellectuals, filmmakers, promoted by numerous patrons of the arts, world Cultural Ambassadors, art gallery owners, befriended by notable figures, and musicians Stuart Davis — his closest painter compatriot — W.E.B. Du Bois (whose portrait he painted), Salvadore Dalí (whose portrait he painted), Countee Cullen, Louis Armstrong (whose portrait he painted), Duke Ellington (whose portrait he painted), Ethel Waters (whose portraits he painted), W.C. Handy (whose portrait he painted), Henry Miller (who wrote a tribute to him), John F. Kennedy (whose portraits he painted), Robert Kennedy (whose portraits he painted), Jean-Claude Killy (whose portraits he painted), Herb Gentry, Alain Locke, Cy Twombly, Sterling Brown,  Langston Hughes, Georgia O’Keeffe (who drew charcoal and pastel portraits of Delaney in 1943), Augusta Savage, Stuart Davis, John Marin, Pablo Picasso (whose portrait he painted), Richard A. Long (whose portrait he painted), John Koenig (whose portrait he painted), and Claude McKay were connected to Paris in various ways. 
Luminaries Josephine Baker, Bob Blackburn, Ed Clark, Bob Thompson, Marian Anderson (whose portrait he painted), Jacob Lawrence, Ella Fitzgerald (whose portrait he painted), Zora Neale Hurston, Alfred Stieglitz, Carl Van Vechten, Edward Steichen, Dorothy Norman, Anaïs Nin, art studio owner Charles Alston, Jackson Pollock, Vassili Pikoula, Henri Chahine (whose portrait he painted), Charlie Parker (whose portrait and music he painted.), James Jones, Jean Genet, Lawrence Calcagno, Cab Calloway, Elaine DeKooning, Palmer C. Hayden (whose portrait he painted), art dealer Darthea Speyer (whose portrait he painted) who had exhibitions of Delaney’s art at Paris’ Galerie Lambert in 1964. Others include artists Charles Boggs, Al Hirschfeld, John Franklin Koenig, Harold Cousins, Herbert Gentry (whose portrait he painted), Ed Clark, and Ellis Wilson, authors James Jones and Henry Miller (who was also a water colorist), Writers Richard Wright, Surrealist poet Stanislas Rodanski, Chester Himes, Ralph Ellison, William Gardner Smith, Richard Gibson, Lorraine Hansberry, Ted Joans, art historian Richard A. Long, and his friend Lynn Stone.
Lyman Bostock signs RICHEST contract in Professional Team Sports and Baseball History with Angles owner Gene Autry
Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, Bostock’s agent, told The Sporting News that “we just plan to sit back, rub our hands and wait for the money to fall into them,” the ballplayer surely cringed. He wasn’t after the most lucrative contract — just the happiest lifestyle. “Lyman’s a different kind of guy,” says al-Hakim, who often refuses to speak of Bostock in the past tense. “Back then he wanted to be comfortable. I remember one conversation we had early on. I sat him down and said ‘This is the money you’re making now. So what would you do if you made $400,000. How about $500,000? How about $750,000?’ The more money I mentioned, the less comfortable he became. At the end of the conversation, I laughed and said, ‘Lyman, shut up, sit down and let me handle things. Because you’d sign for $1 just to play.'”
Outfielder Lyman Bostock, on his 27th birthday, signed a five-year contract with the California Angels Monday for a $3.5 million plus-the most lucrative deal ever for a team sport athlete.
Lyman Bostock signs RICHEST contract in Baseball History with Angles owner Gene Autry
The unprecedented deal includes a FULLY GUARANTEED, five year, $600,000 annual salary, $500,000 signing bonus, a $500,000 Interest free loan, and a $200,000 Interest free business contract loan!
The signing of Bostock culminated an incredible financial turnabout for the former Minnesota Twin, who played out his option last season and hit 336, second in the American League to teammate Rod Carew’s .388.
Slapped with the maximum 20% pay cut invoked by club owner Calvin Griffith when he refused to sign, Bostock worked last summer for $20,000.
As soon as the ’78 season began, Bostock felt the weight of excessive dollar signs. He collected just two hits in his first 10 games and on April 18 asked then-Angels manager Dave Garcia to bench him for the second game of a three-game series at Seattle. So humiliated was Bostock that on road trips he began to ask that meals be sent up to his hotel room. On April 30, following an 0-for-4 effort against Toronto that dropped his average to .147, Bostock told the media that, having been rebuffed by owner Gene Autry in his attempt to refuse that month’s paycheck, he would give his April salary to charity. “I just can’t make that kind of money and not produce,” he said. “I don’t feel that I’ve done enough for this month.” 
To some, Bostock’s refusal to accept his salary reeked of a cheesy
PR stunt — overpaid ballplayer seeks to win over fans. But it wasn’t.
Bostock was genuinely humiliated by his performance. Here was a man who loved to hit, who spent most of his waking hours contemplating the intricacies of the game, hitting below the Mendoza Line. Forget $3.5 million, Bostock didn’t believe he warranted a dime. “He felt the burden of expectations,” al-Hakim says. “I was like, ‘Lyman, you have to take the money! You have to!'” Bostock refused, instead donating $36,000 to a handful of causes, including his church, Vermont Square Methodist in South Central Los Angeles, which ran recovery programs for drug and alcohol addicts. 
At a time when the egomaniacal ways of Reggie “The Straw That Stirs the Drink” Jackson made daily headlines in New York, Bostock’s gesture won over legions of fans. Wrote The New York Times: “Lyman Bostock is hitting 1.000 in integrity. His batting average, though, is .147.” 
With a dozen or so family members among the 7,953 fans in attendance, Bostock went 2-for-4 with a double and a run scored, raising his average to .296, ninth best in the American League. He had more than doubled his batting average from the April salary donation month!
That night, Sept. 23, 1978, Bostock was shot and killed in Gary, Ind. When he was murdered that chilly fall night in Gary, the news went worldwide. Reporters from Brazil and Australia, England and Japan telephoned Tom Harbrecht, the Gary Police Department’s public information officer, desperate for details. “I probably worked 20 straight hours fielding all the requests for information,” Harbrecht says. “It was a huge story.”.
The FULLY GUARANTEED contract was PAID in full, after he was murdered on the last day of his first year of the contract with four years left to perform!
The Lyman Bostock Story Part 1
1978-  “The National Basketball Association (Denver Nuggets) vs. The National Basketball Players Association (Brian Taylor)”
In a Historical, Unprecedented case in Sports and Professional Basketball, Abdul-Jalil and Superstar Management, along with NBA player Brian Taylor, negotiated an addendum to the standard NBA contract with the Denver Nuggets for a $250.000 interest free loan and making the contract “tax free”.
Taylor had a clause that stipulated be could become a free agent if the Nuggets breeched his contract in any manner.
The Nuggets made the first payment of $50,000 due him on time. He said they were 19 days late on the second payment before making a partial payment. The third payment, which was due Jan. 1, was over 13 days late, according to Taylor. They did.
So, in mid-season the team had sufficiently breached the contract, according to Jalil, defaulting by 13 days on the final part of a $250,000 interest free loan with the late payments that triggered the clause in the addendum that allowed Taylor to opt out of the contract. Taylor withheld his services from that point in the middle of the season.
Taylor’s agent, Abdul Jalil, said in NewYork that Taylor becomes a free agent immediately should the Nuggets deviate from any portion of the agreement. Jalil said the agreement is unique in that it contains a clause providing that should Taylor sign with another NBA team, Denver, may not receive compensation in the form of players, or draft choices. The compensation must be in the form of cash, half of which goes to Taylor and half to the Nuggets.
This clause reportedly was unprecedented in major league sports player contracts and expects NBA Commissioner Larry O’Brien to call a Collective Bargaining Federal Arbitration hearing on the case because the contract clause is so unique. Jalil is the agent who represented baseball infielder Junior Moore, who won free agency from the Atlanta Braves in a landmark contract agreement following the 1977 season in a Federal Arbitration case of Moore (MLBPA) vs. Atlanta Braves (MLB). Moore’s contract permitted him to declare himself a free agent based on his own value judgment of the amount of playing time he had with the Braves. Used as only a part-time performer, Moore chose to leave Atlanta and signed with the Chicago White Sox. The unprecedented case in Professional Sports and Basketball was necessary as the the addendum to the contract was the result of Taylor’s dispute of the contract that was originally negotiated by the players union director Larry Fleisher. The inherent problems that this situation provided for the National Basketball Association, the Denver Nuggets, and most importantly the Director of the NBA Players Union and the Union itself, were incredible, FILLED WITH CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, MULTIPLE INSTANCES OF FRAUD, COLLUSION, and MISREPRESENTATION! The case was so bad that Larry Fleisher, the Director of the NBA Players Union and the Union itself, could NOT represent Taylor in the Federal Arbitration hearing. In mid-season the team breached the contract with a late payment that triggered a clause in the addendum that allowed him to opt out of the contract. The player withheld his services in the middle of the season and the Nuggets and the NBA filed for Federal Arbitration. In prevailing in this matter, Taylor received his FULL PAY, an interest free loan, was declared free of his contract (“a Free Agent”), and allowed to negotiate a new contract with the team of his choice. Cite Arbitration Decision in the matter of “The National Basketball Association (Denver Nuggets) vs. The National Basketball Players Association (Brian Taylor)”, Jan. 25, 1978.
The Nuggets declined to have tapes of the Taylor negotiating sessions heard by renowned federal arbitrator Peter Seitz, who agreed Taylor was free, but that the Nuggets were due compensation.
After 13 months of being lusted after by as many as 15 NBA teams, after megabuck negotiations with everyone from 76er owner R. Fitz Dixon to the Lakers Jack Kent Cooke, Brian Taylor has returned And he did not come or go cheaply. “The San Diego Clippers signed Brian on Feb 15 for $150,000 for the remaining regular season games and the playoffs” said Taylor’s agent Abdul Jalil. Clipper playoff hopes are enhanced for it. Although Taylor has played only briefly so far. Taylor will become a free agent once again at the end of this season, continuing a cycle that saw him leave Denver in a contract dispute in the middle of last season. The Nuggets will receive compensation from San Diego for Taylor. Two prior deals fell through. Philadelphia was set to compensate with Steve Mix and a No 1 draft pick, but Taylor vetoed. Jack Kent Cooke and Taylor came to financial terms—a four year, $1.7 million deal but Denver asked for Jamaal Wilkes and Adrian Dantley as compensation to discourage the Lakers. San Diego then shelled out $1.3 million over three years to resign guard Brian Taylor.
Brian Taylor was a high school All American in football and basketball, in 1968 led the Perth Amboy High School Boys Basketball team to a New Jersey State Championship by scoring 84 points. The 6’2” guard played College basketball for Princeton University where he played on many USA All-Star Teams, and after his junior year in 1972, he was selected by the Seattle SuperSonics in the second round of the 1972 NBA draft, however Taylor signed a professional basketball contract with the New York/Jersey Nets and became the American Basketball Association Rookie of the Year during the 1972-73 season. Taylor played four seasons with the Nets, was elected to two All Star teams and won two ABA championships as the Nets won the final ABA championship game in 1976. Taylor joined the Kansas City Kings in 1976, where he averaged 17 points in his initial season and was named to the NBA All Defensive Team. Taylor also played for the Denver Nuggets and the San Diego Clippers, before a torn achilles tendon forced his retirement in 1982. Known as the “BT EXPRESS”, he still has the NBA record as the GREATEST 3 Point Career Shooting from 1981-86.
The Lyman Bostock Story Part 2
Nominated for Emmy, GLAAD Awards “Out. The Glenn Burke Story
Click link for “Out. The Glenn Burke Story” YouTube Promotion:
“Out. The Glenn Burke Story” documents the extent of Burke’s courage, strife and friendship throughout his life, and the compassion and callousness of the sport of baseball.  The program weaves together insights from Burke’s teammates and friends, including Dusty Baker, Davey Lopes, Sports Agent Abdul-Jalil, Reggie Smith, Rick Monday, Manny Mota, Rickey Henderson, Claudell Washington, Mike Norris, Shooty Babitt, Tito Fuentes, and former Major Leaguer and gay rights activist Billy Bean. Out. The Glenn Burke Story Narrated by Dave Morey, Bay Area Broadcasting Icon and Member of the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame’s Class of 2010
We have attached the links to a short video documentary about a radio conversation, the live radio broadcasts on November 20, 2010 over ABC Networks’ KGO 810 FM Radio Show and on December 4, 2010 over KNBR- The Sports Leader, 680 AM and ESPN Radio “The Ticket” 1050 AM, of the discussion of the film “OUT. The Glenn Burke Story” The ABC- KGO Radio broadcast was with Shooty Babbitt, John Lambert and Abdul-Jalil. The KNBR show was with Doug Harris, the producer of “Out. The Glenn Burke Story” on the show “Law and Sports” with host attorney Ivan Golde, whose also a legal analyst for CNN, Warner Bros- KRON, and CBS-KPIX, among others.
The on-air discussions were about Glenn, the film, society and sports. We think you will be very moved with the overall content and how Glenn’s impact has becoming a serious topic of discussion around the country. Glenn lives on!!!
Here are the links:
Short documentary about a radio conversation with Sports and Entertainment Manager-Agent Abdul-Jalil, Oakland A’s Executive Shooty Babitt and NBC Sports Broadcaster John Lambert, some of the cast members of OUT. The Glenn Burke Story. The topic of the discussion was gays in professional sports. The conversation was hosted by Rich Walcolf, and filmed at KGO 810 studios in San Francisco.
KGO Radio’s broadcast discussion of “Out. The Glenn Burke Story”
The Sports Leader, KNBR 680 AM and ESPN Radio “The Ticket” 1050 AM.
Abdul Jalil Historic use of Interest-Free Loans upon the Federal Tax Laws Published in Universities Law Reviews, Scholarly Commons, and multiple Course Outlines, Student Journals
Abdul Jalil negotiated a series of contracts that included many unprecedented benefits to the individual clients, one of which was interest-free loans that could be forgiven. Upon review by the Internal Revenue Service, the contracts and  returns where thrown out and challenged by the IRS as the IRS filed suit. After an 8 year legal battle, he prevailed in Federal Tax Court and established that Interest free Loans where in fact legal. This unprecedented legal ruling was established as a standard in the Tax Laws and was written in several National Law Journals. Cite:  “IRS vs Al-Hakim” published by Commerce Clearing House(CCH) Tax Court Memorandum Cases editions KF 6234A 505 and Maxwell McMillian (Prentice Hall) Federal Tax Cases edition KF 6234A 512 Tax Court Memorandum Decisions. Articles and citations available upon request….
The Historic “al-Hakim” Tax Code §7872 [692] Ruling
After al-Hakim’s victory in the Federal Tax Courts against the Tax Commissioner, in December 2000 the IRS moved to change the Tax Codes with the historic “al-Hakim” Tax Code §7872 [692] Ruling. The IRS changed the Federal Tax Codes such that it now “prevents no-interest loans” and was instituted to eliminate and close the Federal Income Tax loop-hole created with al-Hakim’s use of interest free loans in sports and entertainment financial transactions.
CITE: Tax Notes, Dec. 4, 2000, p. 1311; 89 Tax Notes 1311 (Dec. 4, 2000) “al-Hakim Tax Code” Ruling
al-Hakim’s victory in the Federal Tax Court over the U. S. Tax Commissioner has the nations foremost academic institutions and academians in the study of Law and Business teaching al-Hakim’s use of interest free loans in Tax Free financial transactions as part of the Law and Business curriculum in such hallowed halls as Harvard University, Yale University,Washington University, Stanford University, University of Virginia, and Wake Forest University Schools of Law Federal Tax Courses, among others.
Washington University School of Law Federal Tax Course,
Professor: Bixby;
Yale University School of Law Federal Tax Course,
Professor: Eric M. Zolt
Text Authors: William A. Klein, Joseph Bankman, Daniel N. Shaviro;
University of Virginia School of Law Federal Tax Course,
Professor: M. Robinson * Federal Income Taxation * L. Dominick
Text Authors: William A. Klein, Joseph Bankman, Daniel N. Shaviro; Washington & Lee University School of Law Federal Tax Course,
Harvard University School of Law Federal Income Taxation Course Outline, Professor: Flusche
al-Hakim’s victory in the Federal Tax Court over the U. S. Tax Commissioner has academians teaching al-Hakim’s use of interest free loans in Tax Free financial transactions as part of a Wake Forest University School of Law Federal Tax Course on “ISLAMIC AND JEWISH PERSPECTIVES ON INTEREST” and al-Hakim’s historic impact on Shariah-Riba Complaint financial transactions in the business world.
Wake Forest University School of Law Tax Course on “ISLAMIC & JEWISH PERSPECTIVES ON INTEREST”,
Jalil with Robert Shapiro and Bill Walsh
Author/Professor: Newman, Joel S.
al-Hakim’s victory in the Federal Tax Court over the U. S. Tax Commissioner has academians teaching al-Hakim’s use of interest free loans in Tax Free financial transactions as part of the Wake Forest University School of Law Federal Tax Course on “ISLAMIC AND JEWISH PERSPECTIVES ON INTEREST” and al-Hakim’s historic impact on Shariah-Riba Complaint financial transactions in the business world.
Joel S. Newman is a professor at Wake Forest Law School, Winston Salem, North Carolina.
In this report, Newman discusses financial transactions that allow devout Muslims and Jews to obey religious prohibitions against interest, while giving investors a return on their investments. The tax treatment of these transactions is considered. An integral part is al-Hakim’s case.
1977- The Major Leagues of Professional Baseball Clubs (Atlanta Braves) vs. The Major League Baseball Players Association (Alvin Jr. Moore) Jerry Gandy- Richmond Independent: Press Row on Jr. Moore[/caption]
One of the earliest Professional Sports contract controversies involved Major League Baseball Player Free Agency that arose as the result of an unprecedented, landmark contract between Alvin “Junior” Moore and the Atlanta Braves in which a Special Covenant gave Moore the right to demand a trade which could not be consummated without his prior consent if he was dissatisfied with his playing time. In the event that a trade could not be consummated by the end of the 1977 championship season, Moore would become a free agent if he so desired. See “The Major Leagues of Professional Baseball Clubs (Atlanta Braves) vs. The Major League Baseball Players Association (Alvin Jr. Moore)”.
Alvin “Junior” Moore was only a rookie, yet here are the terms of the contract his agent Abdul-Jalil put together for him:
-The Braves were to pay Moore $75,000 that season. That was only his salary.
-They also were to pay him a $50,000 bonus and provide him with an additional $50,000 interest-free loan.
That’s was historic for a rookie, but wait, there’s more coming.
The imaginative, foresighted agent Abdul-Jalil saw to it that four other unique clauses were written into the Atlanta Braves contract of Moore.
“If Moore is dissatisfied with his playing time, he can submit a letter to the Braves notifying them of same, who then must initiate a trade to the team of Moore’s choice, which can only be consummated with his consent. If there is no trade by the end of the season, the contract is voided and he becomes a free agent.”
1) The first unique clause gave Moore the option of demanding a trade to another team of his choice upon his notice to the team of his dissatisfaction with his playing time; becoming a free agent simply by notifying the Braves of his intention, which works out to be the same as anytime he choses. Under the present Basic Agreement between the players and the owners, a player becomes a free agent ONLY after six-year service requirement with a team has been fulfilled AND only after the second year he plays for a team without signing a contract the previous year.
2) The second unique clause allowed Moore to veto any trade the Braves might involve him in if he did not approve of the team in the proposed trade;
3) The third unique clause gave him the option of choosing the team he wished to be traded to;
4) The forth unique clause gave Moore the option of becoming a free agent if a trade to a team of his choice in not consummated. Under the then present Basic Agreement between the players and the owners, a player becomes a free agent the second year only after he plays for a team without signing a contract the previous year.
What club owner in the world would ever sign a rookie to a contract like that?
The contract was signed by Ted Turner, the Braves’ owner, March 14, 1977.
When National League President Chub Feeney first saw Moore’s contract and its special freedom clause, he rejected it disapproving this Special Covenant and on April 28, Feeney, wrote a letter to Bill Lucas, the Braves’ Director of Player Personnel.
The letter said:
“Specific covenants contained in Alvin Moore’s contract are disapproved because it (the contract) contains provisions inconsistent with the reserve system article of the new Basic Agreement.
Please be sure the player receives a copy of this letter.”
The Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) filed a Federal grievance on the ground that actual or potential additional benefits were provided for the player within the meaning of the collective agreement. The clubs maintained that the free agency provisions in the 1976 agreement were exclusive, providing the only basis upon which free agency rights could be exercised.
But the union argued that there were still other avenues to free agency, such as an unconditional release by a club because the player was not sufficiently qualified. The arbitrator held, in this case, that “the six-year service requirement through which a player could exercise free agency was for the individual club’s benefit in the sense that it would want to retain the player for a particular period of time.” Thus, the benefit of “long-term title and reservation rights” could be waived by the club. On the other hand, the reentry mechanism through which other clubs would have an opportunity to negotiate with a player who becomes a free agent was a matter covered by all the collective bargaining agreement, so an attempt by club and player to evade such procedures would be “inconsistent” and thus prohibited. Said the Arbitrator:
There is clear merit in the Association’s argument that the words “additional benefits to the Player” should be liberally construed to support a wide variety of benefits to a Player over and above the benefits accorded to him by the Basic Agreement. Though covenants containing such benefits may be “inconsistent” with a particular provision of the Agreement dealing with the same subject matter, there is logic in the Association’s argument that they are not, in fact, “inconsistent” because Article II authorizes such inconsistencies where they provide additional benefits to the Player.”?
Marvin Miller, the MLBPA Executive Director said “Junior Moore’s contract has done more for baseball as anything in the basic agreement just signed by the Players Association and the owners”.
Moore went on to sign a very lucrative, multi year contract with the Chicago White Sox.
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Quimbee Law School Case Briefs, Overview, Casebooks, study aids, BAR Review, and online Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses
Alvin Moore vs Atlanta Braves
Major League Baseball Arbitration Proceeding
MLB-MLBPA Arb. 77-18 (1977)
Professor A. Porter Course Hero Law School Case Briefs[/caption]
Course Hero Sports Law Outline
1968 Basic Agreement made the Commissioner the arbitrator clearly allowing for arbitration of reserve system grievances.
University of Texas School of Law
Course Title: LAW 111
6) Agent Representation – The collective agreement plays the ultimate governing role Quizlet Law School Case Briefs
Quizlet, Sports Law 1-3
Alvin Moore & Atlanta Braves (1977)
Judd’s Sports Law Outline
Chapter 1 – Best Interests of the Sport: The Role of the Commissioner and Other Governing Authorities
NetSuite Inc:
Alvin Moore & Atlanta Braves …
D. Arbitration as an Exclusive Remedy; § 301 Preemption
2010- On August 25, 2010 Abdul-Jalil received the letter shown below of “Thanks” from Arch Bishop Joel Jeune of Grace Village in Haiti for the Relief Mission they received from the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation with Stepping Together on behalf of The World Conference of Mayors (WCM) and The National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM).
2005- Federal Complaint with United States Attorney General, Department of Justice, of Hate Crime of Islamophobia and Xenophobia
In 2005 he filed a federal complaint with the United States Attorney General, Department of Justice, of a hate crime of Islamophobia and Xenophobia committed against him by Judge David C. Lee during a trial in Superior Court of Alameda County, California, that is moving forward with the investigation and charges of criminal extrinsic fraud upon the court of the State of California, spoliation of evidence, and the doctrine “unclean hands” against defendants/hostile intervener AAA Insurance; Ron Cook and the law firm of WILLOUGHBY, STUART & BENING; defense counsel Steve Barber and the law firm of Ropers Majeski; and others. The complaint, drafted and filed by al-Hakim in pro per, has broad based support from Democrats and Republicans, was submitted by Congresswoman Barbara Lee with the offices of Congressmen John Conyers, and Charles Rangel, has been review by several legal experts, with advocacy by former Republican Senator J. C. Watts, a client of al-Hakim’s.
The Rob Bonta, Hinds and Fair’s COINTELPRO 2K22 parties ALSO include the “COURTEL” legal system of judges wherein the TARGETED PARTY is NOT having a trial, but is being “railroaded by the court in a case that is ALREADY fixed against the YOU!”
ABDUL-JALIL has 16 Disqualifications from Judicial Challenges For Cause filed against Judges Paul Herbert, Jennifer Madden, Yolanda Northridge, Sue Alexander, Taylor Culver, James Reilly, Micheal Ballachey, Winifred Smith, Dennis Hayashi; with Evelio Grillo, after 5 challenges and Stephan Kaus, after 4 challenges, BOTH Recused in two cases each; where Kim Colwell, Henry Needham Jr. and Judith Ford (appellate review timed out without court response) did not answer the last challenges filed and served against them thus consenting to the challenges. Judges Ronni MacLaren, Frank Roesch and Jo-Lynne Lee issued ORDERS OF SELF DISQUALIFICATION/RECUSAL- IN THE SAME 8 HOUR WORK DAY!! This fact demonstrates that there has been and continues to be pervasive illegal ex-parte communications between the judges regarding al-Hakim because al-Hakim has NEVER had any contact with some judges that recused. Ret. Judge Richard Hodge recused after being appointed an umpire by Roesch in the CSAA appraisal case (administrative hearing) after being a judge in the case.
Those 16 Recusals DO NOT include Judge Jon Tigar’s 2 RECUSALS, 1) Staged Recusal granting the April 30, 2007 al-Hakim first Challenge for Cause, and 2) again Recusing in a matter pending in Federal Court. In Tigar’s First Staged Recusal defense counsel Stephan Barber moved to represent Tigar filing a Motion for Reconsideration to deny Tigar’s recusal and restore his illegal place in this case.
Tigar GRANTED HIS MOTION, restoring HIMSELF as judge, officially made himself a defendant and fourth element in this case though sitting as the judge in this matter, he is now a defendant, co-defense counsel and deputy defense judge ruling in matters that he has lied and has been deceitful about and is personally involved in, was represented by defense counsel Barber himself in an action that was brought by Barber BEFORE TIGAR to establish HIS right to sit and rule in the same matter that HE is now personally involved in and HE sits in judgment of HIMSELF BEFORE HIMSELF!!! Tigar’s representation by the defense had the unfortunate consequence of making him a litigant, obliged to the defense and their counsel by leaving his defense to one of the litigants appearing before him in the same case. Judges should be umpires rather than players. This is a travesty, a mockery of justice with clear conflict while it wreaks of corruption, collusion.18+ Disqualifications!
In May 2022 Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced the Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act to overhaul our nation’s judicial ethics laws and restore public faith in our court system. This legislation is cosponsored by Representatives Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), Chair of the House Judiciary Committee; André Carson (D-Ind.); Sylvia Garcia (D-Texas.); Katie Porter (D-Calif.); Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.); Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.); Mondaire Jones (D-N.Y.); Veronica Escobar (D-Texas); Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.); Jesús “Chuy” García (D-Ill.); Andy Levin (D-Mich.); Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.); Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.); Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Alex Padilla (D-Calif.), and Tina Smith (D-Minn.). 
“We can no longer stand by while our judges and justices take advantage of our system to build wealth and power at the expense of our country’s most marginalized. A system without basic ethics is a corrupt system,”. “People deserve impartial judges and justices who aren’t beholden to special interests or to their personal agenda. Nobody is above the law. Not even a Supreme Court Justice. My bill with Senator Warren will reinstate the checks and balances needed to ensure a fair and balanced judicial system that fulfills its promise of equal justice under the law.” said Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.
AG Barr testifies with Jayapal
Al Waleed with Micheal Jackson
Abdul-Jalil and Superstar Management has worked in PRIVATE EVENTS with several members
of the Saudi Arabian Royal family including His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Bin Abdul Azziz Al-Saud and his son His Royal Highness Prince Khaled bin Al Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia.
Al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud is a Saudi Arabian billionaire businessman, investor, philanthropist and Royal. He was listed on Time magazine’s Time 100, an annual list of the hundred most influential people in the world, and the fifth-richest man in the world, with a net worth of nearly $50 billion! Al Waleed bin Talal’s grandfather was Saudi Arabia’s founding monarch, and of Riad Al Solh, Lebanon’s first prime minister.
Princess Hend Shams El-Din El-Fassi and Prince Turki Ibn Abdel Aziz
Mena House Resort at the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt
Abdul-Jalil and Superstar Management has also worked in PRIVATE EVENTS with His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Turki Ibn Abdel Aziz and his wife His Royal Highness Princess Hend Shams El-Din El-Fassi of Saudi Arabia.
Prince Turki, a Saudi Arabian politician and businessman was a member of the House of Saud, he was the full brother of King Fahd and King Salman. Prince Turki was a member of the Sudairi Seven, a powerful faction of brothers within the Al Saud.
Turki bin Abdulaziz was appointed deputy defense minister in 1969 by a royal order. His tenure lasted until 1978 when he was forced to resign from office due to his marriage to Hend Shams El-Din El-Fassi.
Princess Hend Shams El-Din El-Fassi, a Gulf royalty socialite in the Mubarak era, became a tabloid queen as the El-Fassi’s travelled the World, lived in Miami, Florida, USA and the top three floors of the Ramses Hilton, Cairo, Egypt. They also occupied the Mena House Resort, in Giza at the Pyramids in Egypt.
We performed events for Princess Hend, the El-Fassi’s and the young Sheik Turki in Giza at the Pyramids in Egypt. Hammer in Russia for President Yeltsin’s 1996 Re-Election Campaign
November 1995-  M C Hammer in Russia, The Re-election of Russian President Boris Yeltsin by “Our Home Is Russia”, Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin’s Political Party Prime Minister Chernomyrdin’s party was struggling to distance their leader from the unpopularity of the Government he headed, resolved to using western style campaign strategy. “Our Home” promised economic stability and continuation of the Democratic course of Yeltsin’s government.
November 1995 al-Hakim executive produced, produced, filmed and broadcast on Russian National TV a series of concerts in St. Petersburg and concerts in Moscow by MC Hammer in an urban style, “Rap-The-Vote” to secure the 18-45 voter turnout and re-election of President Boris Yeltsin. Polling after the concerts was overwhelmingly positive..
“Hammer is our father and rap is a very serious subject for me and if Chernomyrdin can give us Hammer then we will give him our vote.” said Oleg, an 18-year old Russian rap fan in attendance.
Being Prime Minister gave Chernomyrdin a huge advantage in access to Russian voters, with slick campaign posters, he told AP “we are using American pop music performances to drum up support among Russian youth for his political campaign”; the video scenes showed M.C. Hammer performing. Chernomyrdin’s travels around Russia in his capacity as Prime Minister, but looked more like the political campaign trail of an American President.
This strategy was trumpted as “world altering” for saving Russian democracy with Yeltsin’s re-election ensuring continuity in the evolution of Russia and securing world peace.
This strategy was heralded world wide by political pundits as “incredibly brilliant”, a “triumph for democratic reform” and “world altering” in it’s effect of having “saved” Russian democracy, as Yeltsin was the only alternative in ensuring continuity in the evolution of Russia and securing world peace.
This coup, a miraculous event in history, was depicted and canonized in a 2004 film “Spinning Boris” starring Jeff Goldblum, Anthony LaPaglia and Liev Schreiber.
“Spinning Boris” The Best President of Russia America Ever Had   ..L. A. Times Review
Jeff Goldblum, Anthony LaPaglia and Liev Schreiber star as a trio of elite American political campaign operatives who were hired in secret to manage Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s election campaign in 1996. He’s polling at 6 percent with the election a few months away. First, they must get someone’s attention; they succeed finally with Yeltsin’s daughter, then it’s polling, focus groups, messages and spin. Even as Yeltsin’s numbers go up, they are unsure who hired them and if Yeltsin’s allies have a different plan in mind than victory. When the going gets toughest, they put a spin on their stake: democracy and capitalism must win. They orchestrate the most spectacular political comeback of the twentieth century – as they “sold” Boris Yeltsin to the Russian public gaining Yeltsin’s successful re-election.
The Re-election of Russian President Boris Yeltsin at Excerpts of “Clinton Secrets” in a book by JOHN DIAMOND
The campaign tactic was their most effective strategy, greatest strength- uniquely different and vastly superior to anything Russia had ever witnessed. This strategic plan with our expertise well grounded in modern American campaigning got Yeltsin re-elected. This was simply a matter of fact that he was the best the modern world could get compared to the alternative communist and he was fully supported by the U.S.
A State Department memorandum, marked “confidential,’’ summarized then President Bill Clinton’s meeting with Yeltsin at a summit in Egypt, where Clinton told Yeltsin he ”wanted to make sure that everything the United States did would have a positive impact and nothing should have a negative impact’’ on Yeltsin’s re-election. The memo added the U. S. wanted an upcoming summit with the Russian leader to be successful to “reinforce everything that Yeltsin had done.’’ Hammer Dedication to Jalil
Excerpts of “Clinton Secrets” in a book by JOHN DIAMOND, Associated Press Writer
June 1997- Abdul-Jalil was honored as the recipient of the “Muslim of The Year” in 1997 by the Imam Warith Deen Mohammed Community, Oakland, CA
July 1996-  “Community Movement Toward Improvement” Music Conference at Clara Muhammed School & Masjidul Waritheen
“Community Movement Toward Improvement” Music Conference at Clara Muhammed School & Masjidul Warithdeen in Oakland, California featuring MC Hammer, Martin Wyatt-KGO TV, Mohammed (MTV Real World-SF),Sway, Imani, Davey D, Raphael Saadiq- Tony Toni Tone, Greg Khalid Peck- Warner Bros, Karen Lee- Warner Bros Music, Eric B, Rico Cassanova, Abdul-Jalil, Tony Collins- Giant Records, Anita Greathouse-Knight, Gene Shelton, Lenny Williams, Thembisa Mshaka, Roy Tesfaye-Death Row Records shown in ABC-TV news clip.
Bill Gates on COIN- “INCREDIBLE business concept!”
In 1980 founded COMPUTER INTELLIGENCE, (COIN), the worlds first Authorized Minority IBM and Apple Computer dealer; is a complete computer integration, network, communications, sales, service and systems company. Established certified educational, corporate and government market specialist that provide custom integrated computer systems, design, networks, Auto CAD/CAE, Desktop Publishing, Internet training, consulting, programming, maintenance, and software training to Pac Bell, State of California, PG&E, City of Oakland, Univ. of California, Sandia Labs, EBMUD, BART, etc. They are Apple and IBM Certified Educational Specialist;  Business, Legal and Accounting Office specialist;  Web Commerce specialist; Local Area Network specialist; and repair technicians.
City of Oakland Image Campaign “I know You’ll Love Oakland”. Acknowledgement from ” CITY Of OAKLAND “ Minister Louis Farrakhan- Nation of Islam
March 1979- The Historic BALSA 1979 National Law Convention
The historic Black American Law Students Association, 11th Annual National Convention, March 28-April 1, 1979, Hyatt, Oakland, was themed: “The Reconstruction of Black Civilizations.” Dedicated to- Rev. Ben Chavis of the Wilmington Ten, Introduction- Mayor Lionel Wilson, Keynote Speaker- Min. Louis Farrakhan, with veritable “Who’s Who” of nations leading Black presenters: Junius Williams-Pres. NBA, Hon. Ben Travis, Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, Don Warden (Khalid al-Mansour), Dave Wilmont-Georgetown Law Center; Howard Moore, Alfred Slocum- Rutgers School of Law, Angela Davis, Victor Goode- Ex. Dir. NCBL, Hon. Judith Ford, Herb Reed- Howard School of Law, Asa Hilliard, Nathan Hare, Ron Baily- Northwestern University, Michael Ashburne, David Hall- FTC, Denice Carty Bernia- North Eastern University; Moot Court Judges: Hon. Wiley Manuel, Hon. Clinton White, Hon. David Cunningham, Hon. Allen Broussard, with “Thanks” to -John Burris, Peter Cohen, Claude Ames, Robert Harris, Eva Patterson, George Holland.
A Black Community Media Conference
October 7-8, 1972 Oakland Technical High School
A conference presented by Union of Blacks in the Media to discuss and strategize solutions to problems that face Blacks in the film, television, and radio broadcast industry; print media; advertising, marketing and promotion.
The ALL moderators, presenters, and panelist are listed in “The History Makers”: Benjamin Hooks— Chairman, F.C.C.; Robert E. Johnson— Owner/Executive Editor Negro Digest, Black World, Jet and Ebony Magazines, Johnson Magazine and Book Publishing, Fashion Fair Cosmetics, Supreme Beauty Products, Johnson Products, and produced television specials; Leon Forrest— Managing Editor Muhammad Speaks; Nathan Hare- Editor Black Scholar; Edith Austin— Editor Sun Reporter; Bobby Seale— The Black Panther Party; Tony Brown- Tony Brown’s Journal; Sonny Buxton; Charles Hobson— Director of Communications Dept, Atlanta College Complex; Malvyn Johnson— Community Affairs Director, Cox Broadcasting; George Norford — Vice President, Group W Broadcasting; Chester Higgins — Administrative Asst. to Benjamin Hooks; Tim Sowell— California Voice; Elaine Brown— The Black Panther Party; Gerri Lange — TV Personality; Belva Davis — TV Personality; Barbara Gardner Proctor— Gardner Proctor Advertising; Bill Moore— Cinematographer; Allen Willis— Cinematographer; Valerie Jo Bradley— Journalist
BLACK AWARENESS DAY, BLACK EXPO (BABE) known as BABE, is an EVENT- AN EXPERIENCE, A HAPPENING, drawing from the vast African diaspora- African and Caribbean countries to the USA, creates innovative experiences that harness the energy of the alternative, natural, organic Black movement and showcase the best brands of ALL progressive people of color, focuses on this influential community of minority people of all backgrounds gathers,  speaking as a social enterprise through business, sports, and entertainment addressing ALL MAJOR issues affecting ALL people, civil rights, employment, economic justice, medical care, education, quality food and shelter, and law enforcement in undeserved Black and people of color communities.
*ISLAM AND MUSIC* 1995 Sports Image Awards Program Cover
~Leon Powe’s “Powe Folks” Basketball Camp, Oakland, CA. 2006-8, ~ Lynn Harris’ “Fourth Quarter Athletics Basketball Showcase” (with Ashley and Courtney Paris(OU), Devanei Hampton (Cal), Alexis Gray-Lawson (Cal), Candice Wiggins (Stanford), Brooke Smith (Stanford), and Ashley Walker(Cal), Oakland, CA. 2006, Golden State Warriors Adonal Foyle’s “Athletics and Academics” Basketball Camp, Oakland, CA. 2006, ~Music in Islam, University of California, Berkeley, CA 2003~ National Islamic Convention, Seacaucus., NJ 1997,~ Host Evening of Elegance, National Arabic Conference, Oakland, CA. 1997,~ National Islamic Convention, N.Y.C, N.Y. 1996,~ International Islamic Conference, Los Angeles, CA. 1996,~ Oaktown Music Conference, Oakland, CA 1996,~ National Society of Black Engineers Conference-Region 6, San Luis Obispo, CA.  1992,~ CAREER FEST, Oakland, CA. 1986, ~ California State University, Hayward, CA.  1985,~ United States Coast Guard, Oakland, CA.  1982,~ National BALSA Law Conference, Houston, TX 1981,~ National BALSA Law Conference, Philadelphia, PA. 1982,~ National BALSA Law Conference, Oakland, CA. 1979,~ National BALSA Law Conference, N.Y.C., N.Y. 1980,~ Mountain Regional Law Convention, Oklahoma City, OK. 1980,~ College of Alameda, Alameda, CA.  1981,~ Eastern Regional Law Conference, Washington D.C. 1980,~ National Black Media Convention, Oakland, CA. 1972,~ National BALSA Law Conference, Washington D.C. 1976,~ Pacific Coast Law Conference, San Francisco, CA. 1976,~ Stanford Law Society, Palo Alto, CA. 1976,~ National Black History Week Awards, San Francisco, CA, 1974
1972-73 Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Stanford, California; Candidate for Degree of Masters in Business Administration.
1968-71 University of California School of Business, Berkeley, California, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Policy. Minor in Educational Psychology and Sociology.
~ Graduated from High School with honors,~ Deans List at U.C. Berkeley,~ Ford Foundation Scholar and COGME Fellowship Award at Stanford University Graduate School of Business,~ Federal Law Review, 1987,~ Enshrined in ” WHO’S WHO “, United States Registry, 1990,~ Enshrined in ” WHO’S WHO IN CALIFORNIA “, California Historical Society, 1982,~ Enshrined in ” OUTSTANDING YOUNG MEN OF AMERICA “ United States Jaycees, 1982,~ Enshrined in ” WHO’S WHO IN ELECTRONICS”, United States Registry, 1989,~ Acknowledgement from ” CITY Of OAKLAND “, Oakland, CA.  1982,~ Acknowledgement from ” UNITED STATES CONGRESS, 7TH DISTRICT “, Oakland, CA.  1974,
~ Only person to graduate from University of California, Berkeley in 2.5 years and achieve letters in three academic disciplines; Business Administration, Educational Psychology, and Sociology,~ Took and passed one full year class load in one college academic quarter!,~ Recognized for Genius I.Q.~ College Commitment Counselor, ~As a senior founded a Minority Scholar-Athlete Admissions Program at U. C. Berkeley, ~Had completed 1.5 years of 2 year MBA program before entering Stanford Graduate School of Business as a result of Undergraduate Business Degree from Cal Berkeley
Lettered in Football, Basketball, Track and Field in High School. Lettered in Basketball, Track and Field at University of California. N.C.A.A. Champions in Track and Field in 1971.
“The Evening of Elegance” Oakland, CA, 1997-Host; CMS Community Food Bank, Oakland, 1996; “The Stars”, Cable TV Show, Oakland, CA, 1974; Montgomery Wards Pre-Reserve Training Program, Richmond, CA,1974; Montgomery Wards “Super Sunday”, Richmond, CA,1974; Montgomery Wards “Men Only Night”, Richmond, CA, 1973; Bay Area Black Expo, Oakland, CA, 1972-77; Congress of Athletes For Alternatives to Youths, 1972; Martin Luther King Basketball Classic, l972; California Fashion and Beauty Pageant, 1975.
~ National Lawyers Guild, ~ Muslim Bar Association of New York, ~ Houston Muslim Lawyers , ~ National Muslim Law Students Association, ~ Association of Muslim-American Lawyers, ~ Associate Board Member- University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business East Bay Alumni Network
* * TESTIMONIALS ON ABDUL-JALIL * * Emanuel Steward on Jalil Emanuel Steward, Evander Holyfield, and Hammer in ring with Heavyweight Title Belts[/caption]
“The Man who turns hits into MILLION$.” – The Tribune.
“You really are the BEST.” – L. BOSTOCK, California Angels.
“GOD sent me an Angel” – M.C. HAMMER.
“Smart Youth, most intriguing, has the Baseball world at his feet.” – N.Y. POST .
“Thanks for getting the Deal DONE Jalil!”- Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield, the only boxer in history to win the undisputed championship in two weight classes (cruiserweight in the late 1980s and at heavyweight in the early 1990s). Reggie’s Prayer
“Jalil, I told everybody that you guys are representing me!”- Reggie “the Minister of Defense” White, two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Super Bowl XXXI champion, 13-time Pro Bowl, holds second place all-time among NFL career sack leaders with 198 (behind Bruce Smith’s 200 career sacks). He was selected to the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team, NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team, NFL 1990s All-Decade Team, and the NFL 1980s All-Decade Team. White is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Deion “Prime Time” Sanders playing with Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons at the same time!
“You are going to have to deal with him (Jalil) now!”- Deion “Prime Time” Sanders to Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Hawks former President and General Manager Stan Kasten and Atlanta Braves General Manager John Schuerholz
“I don’t know what I would have done without you!.” – J.C. WATTS, U.S. HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES.
“Thanks for directing me to the Sonics.” – GUS WILLIAMS, NBA.
“Imaginative, foresighted, some pretty impressive credentials. His I.Q. QUALIFIES HIM AS A GENIUS.” – UPI .
“That’s the finest promotion job for an unknown athlete that I have ever seen.” – N.Y. JETS.
“I’m so happy!! I’m full of money!!” – C. ROBINSON, NBA.
“He is personable, unafraid, confident. and athletes are attracted to him” – D. MAGGARD, U.S. Olympic Committee.
“You have never been wrong” – EMANUEL STEWARD, Boxing
“He told me what he wanted, we shook hands. We made the deal in 5 minutes.” – B. BAVASI, California Angels

Hammer “Rap-The-Vote Concert Series” Secured Re-Election of Russian President Boris Yeltsin

“As long as there are reformers in the Russian Federation and the other states leading the journey toward democracy’s horizon, our strategy must be to support them. And our place must be at their side.” -President Bill Clinton on the re-election of Russian President Boris Yeltsin in 1995-  Our HISTORIC Hammer “Rap-The-Vote Concert Series” Secured Re-Election …
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Josephine Baker becomes First Black Woman Honored at the Pantheon in Paris, France

Black, American-born, a woman, and arguably best known for her exotic dancing: Josephine Baker hardly fits the profile of France’s historical heroes. But today, the performer from Saint Louis, Missouri, was granted one of France’s highest honors: A tomb in the Pantheon in Paris, the country’s monument to its heroes. There have been only 80 people granted …
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I pray to God you and your Families are well, your health is robust, business is thriving, everything is perfect and stay in God’s Love, Grace, Guidance and Mercy. “In another religion they honor people who serve like you with Sainthood!”” – Economics Professor Adeel Malik,Oxford University, England and World Renowned News Expert Commentator, speaking …

Kamala Harris is Unelectable, may NOT be on the DEMO Ticket in 2024!

She was supposed to be the one-term president’s successor. The vice president who would take the torch from a by-then-80-something Joe Biden and carry on the administration’s agenda while becoming the first woman and the first woman of color to capture the White House as the nation’s 47th president. But as things stand now in …
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Kamala Harris’s approval rating falls to 28%, a Historic Low for any modern Vice President

The Biden administration’s public opinion woes continue. A USA Today/Suffolk poll from the weekend had grim numbers for both President Biden and VP Harris. NEARLY HALF OF VOTERS SAY BIDEN WORSE PRESIDENT THAN EXPECTED, MOST DON’T WANT TO SEE HIM RUN AGAIN: POLL Harris hit an historic low approval rating of 28%, even lower than …
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