Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation COVID-19 GIVING AND SHARING

The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation (AMWF), is a 501C3 non-profit, public services organization based on GIVING AND SHARING, is non-denominational, Multi-Cultural, 100% volunteer financed and operated relief organization that provides FREE charitable assistance to the general public with food, medicine, clothing, educational and employment opportunities, mental and physical health referrals, legal aid, shelter and other necessities to individuals, children, families, and organizations who lack these essentials for any reason. We provide private school and college admissions educational opportunities; assists with referrals for job training and placement; rental assistance; social services assistance; homelessness assistance; mental and physical health assistance; medical assistance and legal aid assistance referrals FREE for ANYONE whom has the need.

AMWF is especially concerned about the most vulnerable people in the community and extends these various services and programs to the economically, mentally, and physically challenged; the poor and homeless; the undereducated and undeserved; people living with symptomatic HIV and AIDS; substance abuse; seniors 55 years and older; prenatal women; at risk youth; shut-in and homebound people living with serious illness; people with compromised immune systems, low-wage workers, and undocumented people. We have multiple efforts to support organizations and communities responding to the impact of COVID-19 in racial bias, worker protection, homelessness, renter protection, housing insecurity, and food security and the needs of low-income communities, particularly the impacts for communities of color, related to COVID-19.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has driven unprecedented surges in demand for food assistance, AMWF’s food network brings together different groups, organizations, and agencies that work with the poor and needy has always had one of the best ever business models combines our food procurement with our established innovative food redistribution hub, serves a network for other hunger-relief organizations to provide more effective hunger-relief efforts in the Bay Area.

We are committed to greater racial and economic equity in the Bay Area and want to ensure that people of color and low-income people are (1) food, basic needs and economically secure, (2) remain in their rooted neighborhood communities, and (3) vigorously engag in social, civic, and just legal life and part of the inclusive Democracy!

We provide FREE groceries, clothing, shoes, hygiene kits, sleeping bags, blankets, medicine, and hot chef’s prepared gourmet meals to the homeless and homeless encampments and habitations of ALL kinds, from the streets to parks, from trees and bushes to alleys, from corners to ditches, from hand built shanties to tents under freeway overpasses!

We provide FREE groceries and hot chef’s prepared gourmet meals, plus the above, to the Safe Parking Programs and the CAREavan Safe Parking Program.

The CAREavan program is a special project organized by the City of Union City, Union City Family Center, local community and faith based organizations in an effort to provide families and/or individuals who have been displaced and are temporarily homeless, living in their vehicles and need a safe place to park and sleep overnight, some with open restrooms and an attendant to be present throughout the night at all of the locations.

We have an urgent need that will drastically fulfill this emerging opportunity for immediate and timely action to obtain $17,500 to aquire a used cargo van (our present van has a blown engine while it was being repaired in the shop), and to purchase an additiional large SUV or truck, to allow us to continue to provide our FREE services.

One Blessing of the pandemic is we have added many more corporate food donation partners,Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and other stores, pick up dates and arranged several new programs with the young adults and kids to participate in servicing the poor, homeless, and senoir shut-in’s, since they are out of school, want and need to HELP!! This will stick with them for LIFE! We are and have been heavily involved in the Homeless servicing that suddenly the government needs to address as a potential Deadly agent of the spread of the virus. Our work has tripled!

We have locations that we serve the public directly and many others that we distribute/provide the food to the organizations that serve directly to the public.

We serve many more Churches and Religious Institutions, Recreation and Community Centers, Senior Housing Complexes, low-income and affordable apartment buildings, Public event spaces, Libraries, Cultural Events, Fundraisers, stores and commercial venues, auto repair shops, etc.

We contracted with the City of Richmond with a $1 Million coverage deal to provide regular weekly Free Food service to seven, then nine community centers- Booker T. Anderson Eastshore Park, Shield-Ried Center, Nevin Center, Parchester Community Center, and Martin Luther King Community Center.

We distribute/provide the food to the folowing organizations that serve directly to the public:

King-Berkley Foundation

Emads Auto

Brothers of International Faith


Monte Vista Apt. Complex

Food Not Bombs

University Village Berkeley

Bear Pantry

Masjid Al-Rahman

Islamic Society of West Contra Costa County

Masjid An-Noor

Richmond Musalla

Richmond Muslim Mission Center

Masjid Tawqua

Islamic Center of Vallejo

Al-Noor School

Ibad-Ar-Rahman Sunday School

Oakland Islamic Center

Oakland Islamic Center Weekend Islamic School

Oakland Islamic Community Center

Majid al-Islam

Masjid AbuBakr

Islamic Society of Northern California

Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California

San Ramon Islamic Center

Islamic Center of Fremont

Islamic Center of Alameda

Masjid Quba

Berkeley Masjid

Berkeley Masjid Weekend Islamic School

Masjid al-Islam

Masjidul Waritheen

Lighthouse Mosque

Masjid al-Iman

Masjid An-Noor

Jama’atus Salaam

Masjid Tasbeeh

Masjid al-Islam School

Masjid Tawqua

Afghani Masjid

Clara Mohammed School

W. D. Mohammed High School

Vallejo Muslim Community Center at Marina Vista

San Leandro Islamic Center-

Unified Muslim Community

Sultana Bookstore

Oakland Halal Meat Market

Masjid International Wahadah

Islamic Center of Berkeley

Unified Muslim Community

Masjid Omar Al-Farooq 

Islamic Center of Contra Costa

Noor Islamic & Cultural Community Center

Ile Omode School

First Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church

Alpha Omega Foundation

Interfaith Council of Alameda County Safe Car Park

Robert Allen Mercy House

Shiloh Church Mercy Ministries

Cornstern Fellowship Church

Loves and Fish


Pinole Valley Senior Center

Tri-Valley Seek and Save.org


Share with Org – Fremont to Richmond 


Shepherds Gate- Livermore

Arukah – Livermore 

Monthly Miracles- Livermore

Faith Lutheran Church

Kingdom Builders Christian Fellowship