Helpful Oakland Resources

Helpful Oakland Resources

Housing Resources
• Security Deposit Loans & Rental Assistance
• More Affordable Housing Programs
• Emergency Food & Shelter
• Utility Assistance Programs

Legal Assistance & Mediation
• Legal Information & Assistance
• Mediation

Fair Housing
• Fair Housing & Discrimination

Resources for Seniors and Persons With Disabilities
• Disability Resources
• Senior Resources

Credit and Money Management
• Credit Report
• Credit Counseling
• Consumer Rights & Identity Theft

Government Links
•    City of Oakland
•    Alameda County
•    State of California
•    U.S. Federal Government
NOTE: These resource listings are provided as a service and are subject to change without notice. If you find any of the listings need to be updated, please let us know by emailing us.

Alameda County Online Resource Directory
Find health and human service programs throughout Alameda County with this Resource Directory. You can search by type of service (key word search) or by agency name. Information is available in several languages and listings include information about location, public transit routes and accessibility.

Security Deposit Loans & Rental Assistance
Security Deposit Loans: If you are low-income, you may be eligible for a loan to help you pay your security deposit. Move-in funds are not available if you have already moved into your new place. Eligibility criteria and application processes vary. Contact the agencies below for more information.
Rental Assistance & Eviction Prevention: If you are behind in your rent you may be eligible for a loan to help you pay your back rent. These agencies will only give eviction prevention funds if you are one month behind on your rent and can prove that after this one time you will be able to pay your monthly rent. Call the programs listed below for eligibility information.

ECHO Housing
(510) 836-4826
If you are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and you need a security deposit loan you may contact OHA’s Housing Search Coordinator at (510) 874-1530 to submit an application to ECHO. To be eligible, you must not have received assistance from ECHO in the past and your unit must have passed the HQS inspection.
Travelers’ Aid 
(510) 444-6834
Catholic Charities 
(510) 768-3100
East Oakland Switchboard
 (510) 569-6369
Oakland Independent Support Center (OISC) 
(510) 281-7710
 (For people with disabilities who are OISC clients)

More Affordable Housing Programs
CHAIN Referral Line.
Referrals to agencies/ developments taking applications 
(510) 537-2552
Affordable Housing Projects in Oakland
Allied Housing, Inc.
(Housing Scholarships & Linkages) 
22245 Main Street, #204, 
Hayward, CA 94541
 (510) 881-7310
HUD – U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
Additional Housing Resources

Emergency Food & Shelter

Red Cross Alameda County Main Office, 
3901 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611 
(510) 595-4400

Hunger Hotline: (800) 870-3663 
by Alameda County Food Bank
HELPLINE: (800) 273-6222 or 510-772-HELP
Espanol HELPLINE: 510-772-4444

Shelter Hotline: (800) 774-3583 
Daily list of available shelters:
 Eden I&R at (510) 537-2552
or check out
Oakland Shelter list

Utility Assistance Programs
Low-income families and individuals may be eligible for assistance with their utility and phone bills.

Gas & Electricity Service
PG&E financial assistance programs for low-income customers
Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) 
(800) 743-5000

Water & Sewer Service
EBMUD Customer Assistance Program (CAP) for low-income customers
East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) 
(510) 287-1380

Telephone Service
SBC Lifeline low-income phone service,,68,00.html
(800) 310-2355

Legal Information & Assistance
Ask a Lawyer
Drop-in legal information for tenants twice a month at OHA.
Bay Area Legal Aid, 
405 14th Street, 11th floor
, Oakland, CA 94612 
(510) 663-4744, 
(800) 551-5554
Centro Legal de la Raza, 
1001 Fruitvale Avenue, Second Floor, 
Oakland, CA 94601 
Spanish – (510) 437-1554
 English – (510) 437-1554 and press 2#
East Bay Community Law Center 
3130 Shattuck Avenue
, Berkeley, CA 94705
 (510) 548-4040
Eviction Defense Center
, 1611 Telegraph Ave, 
Oakland, CA 94612 
(510) 452-4541
National Housing Law Project, 
614 Grand Ave., Ste. 320, 
Oakland, CA 94610 
(510) 251-9400
Oakland Rent Arbitration Board, 
250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 5th Floor, 
Oakland, CA 94612 
(510) 238-3721
Sentinel Fair Housing
, 510 16th Street, Ste. 560
, Oakland, CA 94612
 (510) 836-2687

Additional Legal Resources
Alameda County Bar Association
, 610 16th Street, Ste. 426, 
Oakland, CA 94612 
(510) 893-7160
Law Center for Families, 
510 16th Street, Suite 300
, Oakland, CA 94612, 
(510) 451-9261
Lawyers in the Library, 
Oakland Public Library 
(510) 239-3134
Legal Assistance for Seniors, 
464 7th Street
, Oakland, CA 94607
, (510) 832-3040
Small Claims Legal Advice Program, 
661 Washington Street, 2nd Floor (Self Help Center) 
Oakland, CA 94607  
(510) 268-7665

Trained mediators help landlords and tenants resolve disputes by helping both parties talk through the problem and come to an agreement together.
East Bay Community Mediation, 
1968 San Pablo Ave
, Berkeley, CA 94702 
(510) 548-2377
Sentinel Fair Housing, 
510 16th St., Ste 560
, Oakland CA 94612 
(510) 836-2687

Fair Housing & Discrimination
Bay Area Legal Aid, 
405 14th Street, 11th floor, 
Oakland, CA 94612
 (510) 663-4744 
(800) 551-5554
Housing Rights, 
P.O. Box 12895, 
Berkeley 94712
 (510) 548-8776
Sentinel Fair Housing 
510 16th Street, Ste. 560
, Oakland, CA 94612
 (510) 836-2687
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), 
Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, 
450 Golden Gate Avenue
, San Francisco, CA 94102-3448
 (415) 436-8400
, (800) 347-3739
TTY, (415) 436-6594
Fair Housing Information Housing Discrimination Complaint Line: (800) 669-9777

Disability Resources
AC Transit Paratransit
 (510) 817-1717
Access Improvement Program
City of Oakland grants for accessibility modifications in rental housing
 Residential Lending & Rehabilitation Services
 (510) 238-3909
Center for Independent Living (CIL), 
2539 Telegraph Ave
, Berkeley, CA 94704
 (510) 841-4776
TDD: (510) 848-3101

CIL Field Offices:
Oakland Office
610 16th Street, 4th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 763-9999
TDD: (510) 444-1837
Fruitvale Satellite Office:
 Centro de Vida Independiente CIV 
Spanish Speaking Citizens Foundation, 
1470 Fruitvale Avenue
, Oakland, CA 94601
 (510) 536-2271
East Oakland Office:
 7200 Bancroft Ave, Suite 9 A, 
Oakland, California 
(510) 635-4920
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, 
2212 Sixth Street, 
Berkeley, CA 94710 
(510) 644-2555 V/TTY
Housing Consortium of the East Bay 
(for people with developmental disabilities), 
1736 Franklin Street, 6th Floor, 
Oakland, CA 94612 
(510) 832-1315
Housing Rights, 
P.O. Box 12895
, Berkeley 94712
 (510) 548-8776
Protection & Advocacy Incorporated, 
433 Hegenberger Road, Suite 220
, Oakland, CA 94621 
(800) 776-5746 Voice/TDD/TTY
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Online government disability resources:
Federal disability resource page:
Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Homepage

Senior Resources
Adult Day Services Network of Alameda County, 
7751 Edgewater Drive, 
Oakland, CA 94601
  (510) 883-0874
AC Transit Paratransit
 (510) 817-1717
Alameda County Adult & Aging Services
, Eastmont Town Center, 
6955 Foothill Blvd, Suite 300, 
Oakland, Ca 94606
 (510) 577-1900
Bay Area Community Services
, Post Office Box 2269
, Oakland, CA 94621-2269 
(510) 613-0330 
TDD: (510) 613-0328
Family Bridges, Inc. 
168 11th Street, 
Oakland, CA 94607 
(510) 839-2022
Legal Assistance for Seniors, 
464 – 7th Street, 
Oakland, CA 94607 
(510) 832-3040
Over 60 Health Center/ LifeLong Medical Care
, 2031 Sixth Street, 
Berkeley, CA 94710
 (510) 704-6010
St. Mary’s Center
, 635 – 22nd Street
, Oakland, CA 94612
 (510) 893-4723
The Unity Council
, 1900 Fruitvale Ave., Suite 2A, 
Oakland, CA 94601
 (510) 535-6900 
(510) 534-7771

Credit Report Information
There are three credit bureaus that collect and report information about your credit and payment history. Contact them to get a copy of your report and be sure to find out if you are eligible for a free credit report.
You may be eligible for a FREE CREDIT REPORT if:
1.    You’ve been denied credit because of information in your credit report and you request a copy within 60 days of being denied credit
2.    You are unemployed and looking for work
3.    You receive public assistance
4.    You believe your credit report contains errors due to fraud
(800) 685-1111
Experian (formerly TRW) 
(888) 397-3742
Trans Union LLC 
(800) 888-4213, (800) 916-8800

Credit Counseling
Money Management & Asset Building
Consumer Credit Counselors / Money Management Inc., 
7667 Oakport Street 
Oakland, CA 94621 
(510) 729-6960
 (800) 501-SAVE
East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
, 310 8th Street, Suite 200, 
Oakland, CA 94607
 (510) 287-5353
People’s Community Partnership Federal Credit Union
 (510) 267-0450 
900 Market Street, Ste. L, 
Oakland, CA
The Unity Council, 
1900 Fruitvale Ave., Suite 2A, 
Oakland, CA 94601 
(510) 535-6900

Consumer Rights & Identity Theft
Consumer Action (415) 777-9635 
Information about building and rebuilding credit & consumer rights.
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (877) 382-4357
Identity Theft Information
Report Identity Theft

Government Links

Oakland City Government
City of Oakland CITYLINE: (510) 238-2222. Recorded information about City of Oakland programs & services.
Code Compliance/ City of Oakland Building Department
Rent Arbitration Board
Oakland Unified School District To look up your child’s school go to: (510) 879-8582
 TTY/TDD line:(510) 879-8739

Alameda County Government
Alameda County’s Website
Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Public Health

California State Government
State of California Website
California Landlord/Tenant Legal Guide 
(California Department of Consumer Affairs)
California State Law

U.S. Federal Government
HUD – U.S. Department of Housing & Community Development
Find other Housing Authority websites
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
White House

Can’t find what you need?
Try the Alameda County Online Resource Directory

Other Resources
Government Agencies
Housing Developers
Housing & Homelessness Service Providers
Social Services Providers
Real Estate and Rental Services
Local Banks and Lenders
Advocacy and Technical Assistance Organizations
Data Sources
Publications/Periodicals/Policy Studies
Other links

Check out the Alameda County Online Resource Directory
Over 1250 records of health and human service programs throughout Alameda County. Includes programs targeted to youth, the elderly, people living with HIV or AIDS, the homeless, the disabled, domestic violence victims, and people in need of education, employment or legal aid assistance.
Government Agencies

Local/Regional Government

Community and Economic Development Agency
•    Building Services 
•    Code Compliance / Enforcement / Blighted Properties  
•    Permits 
Building Permit Tech Line – 510.238.3381
•    Planning and Zoning Division
•    Planning 510.238.3941
•    Zoning 510.238.3912
•    Historic Preservation 510.238.3941
•    Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board
•    Oakland Cultural Heritage Survey
•    Sustainable Development Initiative
•    Redevelopment 
•    Real Estate Services 
•    Economic Development
•    Workforce Development
City of Oakland Business License, 
250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 
Ground Floor 
Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)
Oakland Housing Authority – Section 8 Housing, 
1619 Harrison
 Street, Oakland, CA 94612  
, Section 8 Tenant Placement Hotline: 510) 337-3287 
Services: Section 8 and Public Housing

County Government

Housing Authority of Alameda County 
Alameda County Assessor’s Office – property ownership and tax info
Alameda County Housing & Community Development
Alameda County Social Services
Mental Health Association of Alameda County 
Contra Costa County Community Development

State Government
California Department of Housing & Community Development
California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA)
California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC)

Federal Government
Federal Trade Commission
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
•    HUD Office of Community Planning & Development (Housing Programs)
•    HUD Data & Research Reports
•    HUD Laws, Regulations, Notices and Forms

Housing Developers

See the list of affordable housing developers in the Affordable Housing Projects section.

Housing and Homelessness Service Providers
For a directory of emergency shelter services, see our shelter page under homelessness and hunger.
A Safe Place – domestic violence shelter
, 510.986.8600, 
510.536.7233 (536.SAFE) – 24-Hour Hotline
AARP American Association of Retired Persons
•    Mortage program info
ACORN Housing Corp 
AIDS Project of the East Bay – eviction prevention, services for persons living with HIV/AIDS
, 1755 Broadway, 5th Floor
, Oakland, CA 94612
Alameda County Community Food Bank – food distribution, 
Alameda County Housing Authority, 
22941 Atherton St., Hayward, CA 94541-6633 
510.538.8876 (main number) 
510.886.1964 (fax)
510.727.8551 (TDD)
The Housing Authority of Alameda County serves the following jurisdictions:
Albany, Castro Valley, Dublin, Emeryville, Fremont, Hayward, Newark, Pleasanton, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Union City.
Alameda County Housing and Community Development Program
Administers Alameda County HOPWA HIV/AIDS programs, 
224 West Winton Ave., Room 108, 
Hayward, CA 94544  
Allied Fellowship – Homeless Shelter 
Amara House – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing, 
1631 Cypress, 
Richmond, CA
The Ark of Refuge – Walker House – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing and Services
, 9702 International Blvd., 
Oakland, CA 94603  
Aspen Court – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing 
121 Aspen Drive
, Pacheco, CA
Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)
  510.649.0627 fax
BOSS Community Organizing Team (BOSS-COT) 
The newest component of Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency. Works with homeless families to collectively address their needs and concerns. Goal is to facilitate community building and empowerment through collective action.
BOSS HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing and Services Locations:
•    Hale Laulima 
396 Fairmont Avenue, 
Oakland, CA
•    Rosa Parks, 
521 West Grand Avenue, 
Oakland, CA
California Reinvestment Coalition
Casa Vincentia – Homeless Shelter 
Centro Legal de la Raza 
City Team – Homeless Shelter, 
722 Washington St., 
Oakland, CA 94607  
Consumer Credit Counseling Services of the East Bay 
Center for Independent Living (CIL) 
 (CIL) East Oakland / Berkeley Satellite Office 
Catholic Charities of the East Bay
Community Crisis Response Team
Concord House, 
20373 Concord Avenue
, Hayward, CA
Contra Costa County Community Development
 Administers Contra Costa County HOPWA HIV/AIDS programs, 
651 Pine Street, 4th Floor, North Wing, 
Martinez, CA 94553
Covenant House
 Shelter and services for youth age 18-24,  
2781 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, CA 94612  
East Bay Community Law Center, 
2921 Adeline Street 
Berkeley, CA 94703 
510.548.2566 (fax)
East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO), 
538 – 9th Street, Suite 200, Oakland, CA 94607
, 510.663.3830
East Oakland Community Project – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Services, Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, 
5725 International Blvd.
, Oakland, CA 94621 
ECHO Housin,g 
1305 Franklin Street #305, 
Oakland, CA 94703 
•    Rental Assistance 510.836.4826
•    Home Equity Conversion – 510.271.7931
Eden I & R, Inc.
570 B,  Street
Hayward, CA 94541
•    General Administration 510.537.2710
•    Housing Information/Referrals 510.727.9565
Emergency Services Network
, P.O. Box 12004
, Oakland, CA 94621, 
Eviction Defense Center, 
1611 Telegraph Ave.  
Families In Transition – Transitional Housing
 Provided through East Oakland Community Project
Family Services of the East Bay 
Services: Housing referral
Family Violence Law Center, 
P.O. Box 22009, 
Oakland, CA 94623, 
Harrison Hotel – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing and Services, 
1415 Harrison Street 
Oakland, CA
Health Care for the Homeless / Homeless Families Program – Homeless Client Intake and Services, 
1900 Fruitvale Ave., Suite 3, E. 
Oakland, CA 94601, 
Henry Robinson Multi-Service Center – Supportive Housing, Drop-In Center
 With services provided by Phoenix Programs, Inc., 
559 16th St., 
Oakland, CA 94612 
Homeless Action Center
, 2272 San Pablo Ave, 
Oakland, CA 94612 
(510) 836-3260
Homeless Families Support Network
 Housing Sited at Henry Robinson Multi-Service Center 
With services provided by Phoenix Programs, Inc.
Homeless Mobile Outreach Program – Emergency food, survival items
 With services provided by Operation Dignity
Homeless Youth Collaborative
Housing and Economic Rights Advocates (HERA), 
PO Box 29435
, Oakland, CA 94604  
510.868.4521 fax
Housing Rights, Inc. 
Idaho Apartments – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing, 
10203 San Pablo Avenue, 
El Cerrito, CA
Jubilee Restoration/Missionary Recovery Center – Substance Abuse Treatment 
The Landings – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housin, g
811 East Street, 
Pittsburg, CA
Lao Family Multilingual Homeownership Center (MHC), 
1551 23rd Avenue, 
Oakland, CA 
  FAX: 510.533.1516
Legal Aid Society of Alameda
 (see listing under Social Services Providers for Bay Area Legal Aid)
Legal Assistance for Seniors  
Miramar Housing – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing, 
101-111 Corpus Chisti & 100-110 Pensacola, 
Alameda, CA
Matilda Cleveland Transitional Housing Program
 Provided through East Oakland Community Project
Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), 
3801 Broadway, 
Oakland, CA 94611  
 Fax 510.652.6636
NID Housing Counseling Agency, 
1301 85th Avenue, 
Oakland, CA 94621  
North County Women’s Transitional Housing – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing
, 2140 Dwight Way, 
Berkeley, CA
Oakland Tenant’s Union 
Oaks Hotel – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing
, 587-15th Street
, Oakland, CA
Oakland Community Organization
Operation Dignity, 
1504 Franklin, Suite 102, 
Oakland, CA 94612  
Operation HOPE, 
3060 East 9th Street, Suite #C, 
Oakland, CA 94601
Peter Babcock House – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing, 
2350 Woosley Street
, Oakland, CA
Phase III – Substance abuse rehabilitation and shelter, 
1014 21st St., 
Oakland, CA 94601, 
510.836.5411,  Men’s Facility 
510.835.4876,  Women’s Facility
Phoenix Programs, Inc. – Supportive Housing, Drop-In Center, Winter Shelter, 
1875 Willow Pass Road, #300, 
Concord, CA 94520,  
Project Outreach
, P.O. Box 43387
, Oakland, CA 94624 
Providence House, 
540 23rd St.
, Oakland, CA 94612
Rental Housing Association of Northern Alameda County 
Resources for Community Development (RCD)
HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing and Services provided at:
 Bay Bridge Apartments, 
1134-36th Street
, Oakland, CA
Salvation Army
Shelter, Inc. – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing, 
935 East Street, 
Pittsburg, CA
Spirit of Hope 1 & 2 – HOPWA (HIV/AIDS) Housing, 
Alameda, CA
St. Mary’s Center – Services for homeless seniors aged 55 and over, 
510.893.0119 fax
St. Vincent de Paul, 
510.451-7676 (free dining room for homeless/low-income men, women and children) 
510.444-3790 (Visitation Center, drop-in center for homeless women and children)
 510.444-0263 (Champion Guidance Center, for homeless men)
Travelers Aid Society – Client Intake and Services, 
520-16th Street 
Oakland CA 94612  
510. 588.5900,  
510.268.1599 fax
The Unity Council/Homeownership Center, 
3411 East 12th St, Suite 200
, Oakland, CA 94601,  
,  510.532.5983 fax

Social Services Providers

24 Hour Oakland Parent Teacher Children Center
Alameda County Bar Association – Lawyer Referral Service  

Bay Area Construction Sector Intervention Collaborative 

Bay Area Legal Aid
 405 14th St., 11th floor, 
Oakland, CA 94612 
510.250.5270 (legal advice/assistance) 
510.663.4744 (main number) 
510.663.4740 (fax)
Jobs Consortium – Job preparation services for men at Champion Guidance Center, 
1915 Broadway, 
Oakland, CA 94612  
Oakland Independence Support Center – food distribution
Oakland Private Industry Council
, 1212 Broadway, Suite 100-300, 
Oakland, CA 94612  
Pittsburg Preschool Coordinating Council, 
1760 Chester Dr, 
Pittsburg, CA
Salvation Army  
West Oakland Mental Health Center,  
Youth Employment Partnership, Inc.
, 2300 International Blvd., Oakland

Real Estate and Rental Services

See the list of commercial real estate and rental services and the list of low income (assisted) housing projects in the affordable housing projects section of this website.
Banks and Lenders

Bank of America
, Oakland Residential Mortgage, 
180 Grand Ave, Suite 1000
, Oakland, CA 94612  
510.587.8200 • Bank of America Community Development Banking
Bank of the Orient
Bank of the West
Bay Area Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), 
369 Pine St., Suite 350, 
San Francisco, California 94104, 
California Bank &Trust, 
400 – 20th Street
, Oakland, CA 94612, 
Contact: Julius Chiang
California Savings & Loan  
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp.
, 101 California St. 38th Floor, 
San Francisco, CA 94111, 
 Contact: Jean Dunn
CitiBank West, FSB
, 1325 Broadway, 
Oakland, CA 94612  
800.756.7047 (7×24 hours CitiPhone)
City National Bank,  
2101 Webster St., 
Oakland, CA 94612 
Community Bank of the Bay
Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., 
1300 Clay St., Suite 66
, Oakland, CA 94612 
Contact: Any loan agent at this location
East-West Bank, 
369 9th St., 
Oakland, CA 94607
Far East National Bank
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 
101 Market Street
, San Francisco, CA 94105
415.393.1920 fax
First Federal Savings & Loan Association
Gateway Bank  
Low Income Investment Fund, 
100 Pine St., Suite 1800
, San Francisco, California 94111,  
415.772.9095 fax
Mechanics Bank
Metropolitan Bank
NARA Bank National Association, 
1940 Webster Street
Oakland, CA 94612, 
National Cooperative Bank, 
1401 I Street, N.W., Suite 700
, Washington, D.C. 20005, 

Northern California Community Loan Fund, 
870 Market Street, Suite 677
, San Francisco, CA 94102,  
Scott Valley Bank, 
1111 Broadway, Suite 1510
, Oakland, CA 94612,  
Summit Bank 
Union Bank of California
United Commercial Bank
United Labor Bank
Washington Mutual 
Home Loan Center, 
5050 Broadway, 3rd Floor
, Oakland, CA 94611, 
510.653.1173 fax  
Contact: Any loan agent at this location
Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 
1221 Broadway, 
Oakland, CA 94612 
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage – City Center, 
500 12th St. #150, 
Oakland, CA 94607, 
Contact: Any loan agent at this location
World Savings Bank FSB, 
3348 Lakeshore Avenue
, Oakland, CA 94610  
  Contact: Any loan agent at this location

Advocacy and Technical Assistance Organizations

ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) 
Best – homeownership, how to make programs work in the inner-city.
Center for Community Change
Consumer Credit Counseling Services
Corporation for Supportive Housing
Freddie Mac
National Consumer Law Center
National Low-Income Housing Coalition
•    Advocate’s Guide to Housing and Community Development Policy
Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America

National Homeless Coalition
Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
National Community Development Association (NCDA)
National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies (NALHFA)
National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)

Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC)- Fair Share Housing Campaigns
California Housing Law Project
California Housing Partnership Corporation
California Redevelopment Association
Corporation for Supportive Housing – California
Housing California
League of California Cities
top of page
East Bay Housing Organizations – see listing above
Bay Area Council
Don’t Borrow Trouble Coalition (Oakland) – see listing above
Greenbelt Alliance
Local Initiatives Support Corporation (Bay Area Office)
Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH)

Urban Ecology,  Urban Habitat, Urban Strategies Council

Data Sources

Association of Bay Area Governments ABAG – Data Center
California Housing Partnership Corporation
Census Homepage
•    Alameda County Census Page
•    Demographic Data for California Counties/Cities
•    Selected Census 2000 Data:
•    Oakland (PDF)
•    Oakland PMSA (PDF)
•    Alameda County (PDF)
•    California (PDF)
•    Other Census Housing Information
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
•    HUD Data & Research Reports
•    HUD Laws, Regulations, and Notices

Publications/Periodicals/Policy Studies

Greenlining Institute
Millenium Housing Commission
Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, 
1775 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 
Washington, D.C. 20036 
Other Links
National Low Income Housing Coalition – list of housing links
UC Berkeley – list of housing resources

Second Chance/STRIVE
Second Chance serves individuals with a criminal history, long-term unemployed/underemployed, or homeless people. Using the STRIVE model, Second Chance encompasses a three-week job readiness program. In addition to assistance with resume writing, clothing and interview techniques, soft skills such as eye contact and hand shaking are taught. Upon completion of the three-week program, graduates of the program attend a job fair. STRIVE program graduates have a 95% employment rate. Job developers are also available to assist individuals who do not enter the STRIVE program to develop skills enabling them to do a job search on their own. These individuals also attend the monthly job fair held by Second Chance. Transitional work experience is also available for those people who have never worked or have not worked in many years. This allows participants to gain entry-level work experience with the goal of obtaining permanent employment.
6145 Imperial Avenue 
San Diego, CA 92114 
619-234-7787 fax 
Web Site:


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