Aaron & Margaret Wallace Educational Assistance Program

The students of Aaron & Margaret Wallace Educational Assistance Program need the support of everyone, especially you!

Aaron & Margaret Wallace Educational Assistance Program(A &MW) is committed to providing a high quality education for children from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, especially those who would not have the opportunity for a private school and major college education.
We recognize and identify high-achieving, low-income students whom has achieved excellent academic results in the face of economic challenges often lack many of the resources and information available to their more affluent classmates when applying to private prep high schools and colleges, such as SAT prep courses, high school and college visits and college summer programs.  A & MW works to address this imbalance through its Private College Prep High School and College Assistance Program for underpriviledged.  The program is designed to level the playing field by providing opportunities that will help outstanding disadvantaged, low-income students prepare for and to admissions to the worlds leading academic institutions. A & MW has helped to connect individuals, educational institutions and corporations through its critically acclaimed services. A &MW reaches this under served market annually with information about colleges and universities, career schools, graduate programs, distance learning, executive training, private secondary schools, college applications and admissions, summer opportunities, study abroad, financial aid, test preparation and career exploration.

We believe in and create an atmosphere in which every child can grow academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, to become healthy, productive members of their communities and Society. The focus is on excellence in teaching/learning basic to advanced academics as well as leadership, college preparation, global issues, commitment to community, acceptance of differences in cultures, respect for the environment, the moral advancement of humanity and are introduced to their profession of choice.–so that the students develop an understanding that they have a responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others and the world.

This is an opportunity for middle school through high school and college students from around the world to attend a private prep high school and major college.

We are now faced with the challenges a new school year offers. We are all fully aware of the emotional, psychological, and economic effects of a badly performing world and local financial market on every one of us each day. As “dreamers,” most people never really paid attention to the “bulls and the bears,” the New York Stock Exchange and the Dow Jones. However, with the reality of the current economic situation, many find themselves tuned in to news each morning paying attention to the rise and fall of various stock exchanges and foreign governments. Given most peoples economic expertise, if the arrow is “up,” things are looking up, if the arrow is “down,” life, in general, is gloomy. Just like other institutions, corporations and businesses, we as people have suffered the effects of the current economic situation in America and world wide. We have seen the rise in prices of educational supplies and curriculum materials. In addition, we have received “rejection notices” from a few organizations that have funded us for many years.

However, at one of our recent meetings, I shared with others the feelings in my heart. One by one, we began recounting the many “miracles” that have taken place since we first opened our efforts to the needy in 1971. In these simple words, filled with much love and respect, to put things into perspective, all of a sudden we all felt truly blessed, and so fortunate that we have been a part of so many kids academic, financial and personal success. Since then many students have gone on to private high schools, and then to the top colleges and universities throughout this country.

With each new July-September, we receive phone calls from the various private high schools, and colleges “courting” the current group of students. In the past, we have always anticipated the countless calls because they served as a reminder to us of all the work that lay ahead, high and college applications that had to be completed, academic and athletic scholarships and grants to apply for, countless essays that had to be written, rigorous preparations for the entrance exams and hours of preparing for high school and college interviews. However, this beautiful message awakened us to the realization of just how blessed we are to be “number one” on many of the top prep high school and major college recruiting lists. We have fostered to graduation many young men and women who have received 3.5 and above grade point averages at many prestigious universities. Many alumni have been granted internships and educational trips to France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Cuba, to name a few, and many have accepted excellent offers to graduate schools across this country.

The many gratifying accomplishments that have been made by these graduates were only a dream to us. However, the dreams have become a reality! We made a promise to the children, and ourselves, that we would educate their minds and hearts, and nurture their spirits with the arts. These are young men and women who will make a difference in this world, and make a contribution to society on behalf of all who have believed in them. Their success stories are a result of countless individuals who have believed in them, supported them and guided them. The children are our future, and our future is bright because of their dreams, their triumphs and YOUR SUPPORT.

In order to continue these accomplishments, we need your support. The harsh reality is that some students can not afford to go to a private prep school to qualify for a major university or college! That is, they do not have transportation to get to the school even if they are accepted and have a scholarship for the $35-65,000 a year for tuition and costs! There are many local students in the local Northern California area that must be bused or must take several buses to attend an accredited school to benefit from this program and their parents simply do not have the funds for a bus pass. Therein lies the problem that you can help to provide a solution for. Donate a yearly bus pass!

I wish to thank you in advance for contributing to the foundation of our young people. When they accept offers to top prep high schools and major Universities, they will not journey alone. When they enter the stage to dance and perform, they will not be alone. When they enter the oratorical or math and science competition, we are there encouraging and reminding them. When they step on to the field to maintain their record breaking athletic feat, they know we are all behind them, encouraging their determination and inner-strength. When this year’s wonderful Class heads off to the nations best private prep schools and major Universities, they know that because we are a special family, we will be behind them every step of the way. The New Year has only just begun. 2007-8 will be characterized by challenges and dreams coming true because of your continued support and love for the children. Yes, we are a special family. From day one, to present day, each and every one of us have assisted in making dreams come true for the children entrusted in our care.

On behalf of A & MW and myself, I wish to thank you for believing in the dream of the students and program. As mentioned earlier, the past is a memory, but the accomplishments will live on. A perfect example of this is incredible feats that are achieved each DAY by the men and women assisted by your support.

We will still retain the services of the newly retired Ms. Jessica Brown from the admissions office of the University of California, Berkeley. Ms. Brown, after 30 years of exceptional, distinguished service is irreplaceably stepping down and has received Congressional, State of California, County of Alameda and Local City Proclamations for her life’s contribution to academia at Cal.
All refer to her as IRREPLACEABLE, due to her efficiency, vast experience, extensive contacts, and undeniable desire to bring the Best students into Cal and other major Colleges and Universities around the world. Her reputation is impeccable, as is her legacy of being solely responsible for the outreach, recruitment, application, evaluation, admission, and continued support of most ALL the minority students at Cal in this time frame. She has admitted literally thousands of the brightest minds in the world today to Cal and at some points in those 30 years was responsible for the admission of over 75% of the minorities.
Jessica, the mother of three fine children, if she so chose, she could boast of being the spring board to the infinite success for many of the nations leading judges, doctors, lawyers, clergymen, businessmen, scientist, educators, public administrators, politicians, psychologist, philanthropist, community and civic leaders, sociologist, professional athletes, performing artist, and on, and on, and on for people of all races.
She has rescued students from ghettos, villages and barrios in the depths of ignorance and brought them to the throne of knowledge and success! On more than one occasion, she has saved a student from prostitution to go on to become a leading lawyer. She has ventured into half way houses and returned with dignitaries, homeless shelters and brought forth businessmen, turned victims of abuse to social and civil rights leaders! She has given light to those in depression, new life to those that attempted suicide, guidance to those that were lost in the challenges of the world, and comfort to those under great pressure to succeed at the nations leading university.
We all hear about “giving back” and “making a difference” but she obliterates the meaning of those phrases by giving back in such a way that the benefits multiply as each person continues to give to others resulting in an even more incredible exponential difference to all mankind in this society. She has truly be the gift and tool that God gave all of us that keeps on giving!
We are constantly receiving calls from parents, high schools and colleges who are greatly impressed with the student’s intellectual acumen, oratory skills, their historical expertise and their artistic talents. Achievements such as this, and the beautiful faces we see each day, are our reasons for hope. 2007-8 is filled with the promise of dreams coming true for the children of this program- past, present and future, and it is an honor to journey with them as they reach for their stars.
In closing, let us work together in 2007-8 and on into the future to create and fulfill hope, opportunity, success, stability and peace in our communities, and in this world, for the sake of the children. Please help us with your support.


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