AARON & MARGARET WALLACE FOUNDATION (AMWF),  is looking for Churches, groups and organizations in Northern California willing to expand their reach into the communities with a FREE Food Ministry and interested expanding in Fremont, Santa Clara, and San Jose ASAP. EVERY religious and social service organization should have a FREE Food Program or they are not serving the community! From our 58 years experience and the many FREE Food Programs that we sponsor at the various locations, we can not afford to overlook those in need in the community! There is a VERY DIRE NEED going ignored in this area of ALL our communities nationwide! LET’S CHANGE THIS IMMEDIATELY!
        If you have a program and want to begin a FREE Food Program, just contact us and let’s get it going ASAP!!! We are prepared to help you no matter where you are located to start a FREE Food Program in your area!
     The program provides lunch, pastries, beverages, flowers and groceries of all types including meat, fish, poultry, halal, kosher, organic, all natural, gluten free, sugar free, etc.! The giveaway accommodates over 300 families per location! This is one of 20 locations for the Free Food Programs of the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation serving over 30,000 people per month!


        AMWF is beginning it’s “FIVE for FIFTEEN DRIVE!” with our phone campaign that will be calling YOU!. This is our national effort to raise the badly needed $75,000 to purchase the refrigerated truck, freezer, and vans. We are looking for FIVE INDIVIDUALS, GROUPS, CHURCHES, OR ORGANIZATIONS TO RAISE $15,000 EACH TO DONATE TO THIS EFFORT!! YOU SHOULD EXPECT A PHONE CALL,EMAIL AND TEXT FROM US IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS RESQUESTING FOR YOUR COMMITMENT AND SUPPORT!!!
        If you want to donate to us please make your check payable to: AARON & MARGARET WALLACE FOUNDATION (AMWF), 7633 Sunkist Drive, Oakland, CA  94605; you can donate with Paypal email to: amwft@amwftrust.org, or our PayPal Fundraising Link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SE6DGFDH9XVKL, or go to our website and donate there. 

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         This is part of an overall effort to raise a total of $135,000 to include trucks, Apple computers, and equipment to better serve the ever expanding needy of Northern California with our Free Food Distributorship, first of it’s kind at this level! This is MAJOR!! We can put a possible END to food insecurity in the Bay Area, and serve as a model nationwide! Read it and let us know if or how you may be able to help us, we NEED IT!
        We have obtained a Food Truck to provide hot meals to the needy weekly and for special events!

          We serve over 30,000 people a month from 13 Communities and 20 other locations and provide for thousands with the special events we support that are totally free to the public. We contracted with the City of Richmond with a $1 Million coverage deal to provide regular weekly Free Food service to seven, then nine community centers- Booker T. Anderson Eastshore Park, Shield-Ried Center, Nevin Center, Parchester Community Center, and Martin Luther King Community Center on that list. This is a MAJOR GAME CHANGER as we will expand into Fremont, San Jose and Sunnyvale areas first, then the San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Walnut Creek, Fairfield, Sacramento areas if we can get the funding, but the REAL NEED is sooo much greater! You can help us solve that problem as according to the USDA Household Food Security in the United States Report, 2013, nearly 16 million children are living in food-insecure homes. That’s more than 1 in 5 children! 

       With a refrigerated truck, vans and freezer we could easily triple our distribution including daily fresh natural health foods, Zabiha, Halal, Organic, All Natural, Kosher, Vegan and specialty products, farm-fresh produce, high quality all-natural meats and seafood, and capacity to serve the needy! We will have fresh, natural organic products; a great mix of everyday staples; healthy canned goods; assorted fresh fruits and vegetables; gourmet deli meats and products; eggs, dairy and cheeses products; more high quality organic, all natural and grass fed meat, fish and poultry; all natural organic health foods; high quality baby foods;  high quality pet foods; dry and canned goods; frozen natural and organic prepared meals, foods and specialty items; natural body care and personal hygiene products; vitamins and supplements; fresh organic fruits and vegetables; organics and All natural products; gluten-free products; vegan and vegetarian meatless products; deli products; bakery products; bins and barrels of bulk food products; alternative options for those with food sensitivities, and so much more. Just what we strive for to provide to our needy clientele. This will more greatly enhance our business model as tantamount and concordant with our program and success, and YOU can assist us in providing even better products for those less fortunate immediately!
        Since hunger DOES NOT require it, we will not ask our clients to provide an ID or proof of residency, therefore we will not use the County Food Banks for these same FREE items. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO WE REQUIRE A PERSON TO GIVE THEIR NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, AND FAMILY SIZE WITH MATCHING GOVERNMENT ISSUED IDENTIFICATION!

    We also MUST acknowledge Dr. Naseem Z. and Dr. M. Yusuf Sheikh and Family, and the A 2 Z Foundation for arranging and hosting the weekly Jumaah “Free Farmers Market” Food Giveaway at the Berkeley Masjid in Berkeley, Ca.
    You can view their video at:


         Anyone can anonymously receive help for any of our services FREE at http://AMWFTRUST.ORGby submitting an online request form in a strictly confidential submission and they can also feel free to call the number (510) 394-4101 as well. Many of the people we serve are homeless, indigent, the uncounted or have slipped through the cracks of society. You can help us solve these problems with your donation to distribute FREE to the many, many needy people we serve that are at risk of hunger in our communities.
         You can make your check payable to: AARON & MARGARET WALLACE FOUNDATION (AMWF), 7633 Sunkist Drive, Oakland, CA  94605; you can donate with Paypal email to: amwft@amwftrust.org, or our PayPal Fundraising Link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SE6DGFDH9XVKL. We DO NOT accept government funding so please donate generously and SHARE THIS WITH YOUR NETWORKS!
        WE are trying to end this travesty by helping and giving for their change of life circumstances! Can YOU help Us help THEM? Make you tax deductible donation here!

Help Hungry

Call or text (510) 394-4101 or (510) 394-4501


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