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“He who Harms a Life, it is as if he has Harmed ALL Mankind,
He who has saved a Life, it is as if he has Saved ALL Mankind!”
Who will you save?

Surah Al-Insan says: “And they are those who give food
– in spite of their own need , to the needy, and the
orphan, and the captive, [saying in their hearts], “We
only feed you for the sake of God, and we desire nothing
in return from you, not even a word of thanks!’’ (76:8-9).

As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu wa Jazzak Allah Khair Khayrun,

We, the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation (AMWF), pray Allah (SWT) you and the Families are well, ALL of your health is robust, you’re making GREAT progress in your Deen, your businesses are thriving, that everything will be perfect in your life and you ALL stay in Allah’s Love, Grace, Guidance and Mercy, iA, Amen!

COMMUNITY CALL TO ACTION!! Muslim/Islamic Non-Profit Charities Struck a Devastating Blow!
    After 11 YEARS of being subjected to incessant Racism, Bigotry, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Bias, Prejudice, JUST PLAIN HATE, having African ethnic “monkey” jokes made about you to YOUR FACE, being called “Terrorist”, “those smelly Pakistanis”, “f#*kn Muslims”; “Ni##as”, and two sisters in hijab being referred to as “suicide bombers”, Muslim/Islamic Non-Profit Charitable Organizations were dismissed by Trader Joe’s- Pinole without notice! They were complimented for their work as being “Exemplary- Perfect”, it’s not YOU! Well, just what is it?? PLEASE SEE VIDEOS BELOW.
    Unfortunately, I write you ALL today to inform you that we, AMWF has suffered another Targeted Attack in retaliation to our exposing those MOST responsible for this and other Corruption. Worst, they have again employed the help of law enforcement in these illegal efforts!
    WITHOUT CAUSE NOR NOTICE, THE SAME DAY we have suddenly had our bank
account closed and ALL websites, emails, fundraising tools, etc., threatened shut down ON THE SAME DAY, with vehicles illegally ticketed and towed!
We have offered to present our findings with recommendations to those whom administer and maintain some accountability for the control and responsibility of those operations.
    It was at the request of Attorney General Rob Bonta to get legislators and attorney’s involved with a related matter that we contacted ALL State Legislators to begin the process of instituting the investigation and audit we called for. That would be consistent with the need to have filed THIRTEEN (13) POLICE REPORTS in EIGHT (8) MONTHS for various intentional criminal and civil tortious acts!
    The manner in which all these tactics have evolved appears to be one of a calculated strategy:
the brazen termination of our accounts WITHOUT CAUSE- DOES NOT WAIVE ANY LIABILITY, NEGLIGENCE, BAD FAITH; the suddenness of these drastic actions WITHOUT NOTICE; the stealthy manner they were launched; the diabolical use of HATE inspired Crimes,
Terror, Civil Conspiracy, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Hate Induced Bigotry, Vindictive Retaliation, Oppression, Harassment, Racism, Bias, Prejudice, Unfairness, Persecution, AND GRAND CORRUPTION; the catastrophic irreparable Harm and Damage to ALL AMWF
commercial spheres on the banking and hosting platforms; ALL revealed themselves and there is a clearly defined pattern that is an essential of a government engineered operation.
    Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover describes the goal of one arm of COINTELPRO—against the Black liberation movement—in a now-declassified 1967 document:

The purpose of this new counterintelligence endeavor is to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize the activities of black nationalist, hate-type organizations and groupings, their leadership, spokesmen, membership, and supporters, and to counter their propensity for violence and civil disorder.

    The plan to “neutralize” Black activists included legal harassment, intimidation, wiretapping,
infiltration, smear campaigns, and blackmail, and resulted in countless prison sentences and, in the case of Black Panther Fred Hampton and others- murder!

    These organizations that were assigned specific days for the pick—up and distribution of the
food donations from Trader Joes in Pinole. The groups included: Masjid al-Rahman with Br. Mohammed Younis A. Subedar; the Islamic Center of Vallejo with Mohammed Hussain, Abdul Khabir, Najim Khan, Abdul Aziz Mohammed, Gamal Abushaban, Amal Ahmad, Sr. Sanober, Qaisar Zaman; Islamic Society of West Contra Costa County, Masjid al-Rahman, Universal Mercy Academy and Uma Homeschool Co-Op with Imam Abdul-Rahman, Ishmael, Banna Mirza, Yosef and Khadija Ayyad and their daughters, Maulana Hamza Mehter, Br. Syed Mujibur Rahman, Br. Abdul Maqsat, Dr. Imadul Islam, Talha Mirza and the students of Universal Mercy Academy and Uma Homeschool; Richmond Muslim Mission Center and Masjid Tawqua with Imam Wali Muhammad, Willie Shakoor; Masjid al-Islam and Masjid al-Islam School- Imam Abdul-Alim Musa, Sis Nanita Strong, Sumayyah Abdul-Haqq, Minyahn Robinson, Sis. Michelle and her husband Ibrahim, Sis. Adrianna and her daughter, Steve Swaggard- Kiongozi Binamu, Phylis Goins and her son Maxwell, Rodney Harrison; Berkeley Masjid and Dr. Naseem Z. and Dr. M. Yusuf Sheikh and Family, and the A 2 Z Foundation; Oakland Islamic Center- with Belal Esa and his son’s Omar, Salih, and Dawud, Masjid AbuBakr with Belal Esa and his son’s
Omar, Salih, and Dawud with Jamaludin Omar; Masjidul Waritheen and the Lighthouse Mosque with Oni Mussan, Theon Berkley-King, their family and volunteers with the King-Thomas L. Berkley Foundation; Unified Muslim Community Masjid of San Leandro, San Leandro Islamic Center – Masjid Al-Farooq; CALIFA: Center for Advance Learning Improving Family Awareness with Bros. Jamaal Pratt, Saleem Lofton, Muwwakli Thompson, and Jeremy serving the Community of Vallejo, with one of four locations at The Marina Vista Apartments.

    In addition to their Masjid Communities, these groups served:
University Village Berkeley, Bear Pantry, Al-Noor School, Ibad-Ar-Rahman Sunday School, Oakland Islamic Center, Oakland Islamic Center Weekend Islamic School, Islamic Center of
Alameda, Masjid Quba, Berkeley Masjid Weekend Islamic School, Sultana Bookstore, Masjid International Wahadah, Islamic Center of Berkeley, Unified Muslim Community, Masjid Omar Al-Farooq, Islamic Center of Contra Costa, Noor Islamic & Cultural Community Center, Islamic Society of Northern California, Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, San Ramon
Islamic Center- serve many Masjids and their communities, Africans, Middle Easterners, Indo-Pak-So. Asian, Blacks, Latinos, Immigrants, Refugees, the poor, the needy, and the public at large- 1,000’s of people a day, that were now suddenly without a means of sustenance, JUST BECAUSE THEIR DONORS ARE MUSLIM AND DOING TOO MUCH GOOD!!

    One Blessing of the Covid-19 pandemic which they provided Critical Essential services from the beginning, we added four (4) retail grocers daily pick up dates and arranged several NEW community programs with the young adults and kids to participate in servicing the poor, homeless, and senior shut-in’s, since they are out of school and need something to do!!
    A couple of these youth-led operations were with/by Yosef and Khadija Ayyad and their daughters at the Islamic Center of Vallejo; and Banna Mirza, Maulana Hamza Mehter, Talha Mirza and the students of Universal Mercy Academy and Uma Homeschool at Islamic Society of West Contra Costa County, Masjid al-Rahman, AHDL!
     This will stick with them for LIVES! We are and have been heavily involved in servicing the Homeless for over 50 years, that suddenly the government needed to address as a potential Deadly agent of the spread of the virus. ALL our work Tripled up to the time they were unceremoniously dismissed!
    We ALL have had to face and address the devastating effect the Pandemic has had on the
WORLD! We hurried and struggled to find solutions that could slow- at the very least, the surge of Covid and it’s disastrous multiplying deadly force.
    We learned that many things we thought were true and accurate simply were NOT! We learned that many things we were told was true and accurate simply were NOT!
    We learned that many things we thought we knew, we simply did NOT!
    We learned that vaccinations are many things we thought, BUT simply NOT a CURE!
    As a front line “essential worker”, we saw FIRST HAND, the consequences of ALL the actions and inactions taken, the many things that were done that should NOT have been done, AND, the many things that were NOT done that should have been done!
    Foremost among those of US on the front line in the worst conditions supporting those MOST at risk- the unhoused, we lived in real-time the absolute FEAR that gripped those in the “wild”!
One of the GREATEST issues that consumed our emotions was the incessant open display of MAN’S INHUMANITY TOWARD MAN!
    We are ALWAYS operating with the reminder that tomorrow is NOT promised, no matter how much you do in the service of man for God! We have had several people that were killed while serving food to the less fortunate.
    On September 19, 2022, Belal Salih Esa was one of two gunshot victims at 31st Street and
Telegraph Avenue about 7:45 p.m. that night, inside Layalina, a Middle-Eastern pizza restaurant that died on the scene right around the corner from a mosque where they had been praying just
45 minutes beforehand. The Oakland Islamic Center is around the corner from the shooting scene where the men had been attending their evening prayers at around sundown or 7 p.m.     
    Surveillance video from the store and restaurant that were involved, shows a white vehicle, possibly a Prius, pulling up and someone started shooting into the store and restaurant.
Police are reviewing that footage, but did not confirm any suspect vehicle information.
    Belal was on the Board of Directors of the Oakland Islamic Center and his family operated
several businesses and performed Charity with the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation (AMWF) Jumaah Free Farmers Markets in the African and Middle Eastern Muslim communities and at several Eat Bay Masajids on Jumaah Friday Kuthbah.
    Belal, Ethiopian by birth, worked tirelessly to better the African and Muslim communities in the Bay Area, where he singularly fed thousands in 9 Free Food Ministries each week with our AMWF Free Food Program, AHDL!
    He is survived by his wife Mimi, sons Dawude- graduated from U. C. Berkeley with a triple major, Omar- also graduating from U. C. Berkeley, Salih- 15 year old entrepreneur at the top of his class entering high school, and daughter Rewda- the smartest of them all! See video report:

    We will ALWAYS make HONEST, SINCERE, DEDICATED EFFORTS IN SUPPORT OF OUR SELF PROFESSED COMMITMENT in combating the centuries long INJUSTICE with our work to put an end to HUMAN/CIVIL Rights, economic injustice, real and personal property poverty; physical and mental oppression and brutality; to racism, and inequities where so many shocked and outraged people around the world have found it in their own DNA
as humans to oppose this historical display of systemic and endemic injustice that enables discrimination and protects the violation of human rights.

Trader Joe’s issued a TOTALLY Fabricated, False and Fraudulent $600,000+ overstatement Tax receipt of the donation value in the Tax Form 8283
    Trader Joe’s issued a TOTALLY fabricated, false and fraudulent $600,000 + overstatement Tax receipt of the donation value in the Tax Form 8283 that would subject someone to penalty under Tax Code section 6701(a) (aiding and abetting the understatement of tax liability) that will be used in connection with a Tax return or claim for tax refund. If there is a substantial or gross valuation misstatement of the value of the property claimed on the tax return or claim for refund that is based on the appraisal, that you will be subject to a penalty under section 6695A of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as other applicable penalties. The IRS Form 8283 is a LEGAL tax document and any offense is prosecutable under Federal law and that would include any and all errors, whether intentional or not, that would unwittingly entrap someone in a crime, whether
by criminal design or not, even if with/through a third party.

    Given their donor activity regarding ANY alleged donations, the alleged claimed fair market value of ANY alleged donations, and the alleged amount claimed as a deduction for ANY
alleged donations by the donor, that without ANY knowledge of the source nor accounting of the alleged donations, WE SPECIFICALLY DISAGREED with said alleged amounts and values and
would have to refer any audits or actions relative to the claimed above values and deductions to the donor, Trader Joe’s.

    When questioned amount the fraudulent tax documents, they refused to respond!
    We encountered similar matters of Racism, Bigotry, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Bias, Prejudice, JUST PLAIN HATE, in a targeted attack on us at several Sprouts stores as well.
    On one occasion, a Masjid volunteer explained he arrived at the rear store receiving door for pick up of the Shares at 9:15 am, as usual, the shares were not ready yet, so he went next door and got a coffee while they finished processing the shares.
    Upon his return, he was questioned in a very facetious manner regarding his scheduled pick up of the shares and was being denied the same, being teased and harassed under the guise of his not being understood, repeatedly asked the same questions while they laughed at him and felt the objective was to drive him off without getting the donations.
He went next door and call me but when he returned, John (allegedly from the Senior Center) was already there to pick up the donations.
    He accepted their abuse and called me to inform me of their actions.
    He clearly was upset that he was being teased and harassed disguised as questioning and “not understanding” his responsive answers.
    We called regarding his treatment while attempting to pick up the Shares donations, and I ask “what happened and why was the man there to pick up the Shares being put through the taunting, teasing, degrading and humiliating treatment and being denied the donation?” I said “he’s a North-African immigrant, that speaks four languages, but doesn’t speak English as well as you, and you guys kept trying to confuse him knowing he didn’t fully understand you while you laughed at him as some sick form of entertainment!” I told him that “he comes every other Saturday” and reminded him that “you know him, he has been picking up the Shares from both Pinole and Emeryville stores for several years and that I had personally introduced him to you when you first came over to Pinole at least eight months ago”. The volunteer said that he had also reminded you of that, so there should have been no reason to question him in the manner that you guys did, with taunting, teasing, degrading and humiliating him while you laughed at his answers!”
    He tries to deflect the conversation with they have had some issues with no pick up a few days ago. I told him “you don’t get to change the subject because you have no good reason” I asked him “what does that have to do with his pick up today and the racist manner in which you treated him?” I again stated “he has been picking up for years, you know him, you’ve never done that before in all his previous pick ups, he said he was with Jay and there to pick up the Shares, that should have been enough.” “Someone else’s failed pick ups has nothing to do with him and how he is picking up the shares today, so answer the question, why were you and others taunting, teasing, degrading and humiliating him?” I stated “you have no good reason for your actions so you now want to play the “angry Blackman card, huh? Well, that won’t work, you don’t get to do
that either, so answer the question, why were you guys taunting, teasing, degrading and humiliating him?” Was this your little Tarzan, African-monkey joke?” I ask “is this supposed to be your cover for the fact that you’ve been diverting the shares to John, why did you call him to come pick up the shares and trying to give them to him while our guy was right there now, why is John even there right now when he isn’t even in the program, he doesn’t work with the Pinole Senior Center, he’s an outlier, a poacher?”

    The Saddening use of “Muslim” government agents, operatives, confidential informers, as SNITCHES!
    These issues are further saddening because of the use of government agents, operatives, confidential informers, SNITCHES- that were/are carrying themselves as “Muslims” in the
communities to gain access, infiltrate, and sabotage these legitimate operations! These saboteurs/provocateurs whom conspired with these entities, many of them which we are familiar with and can NAME, have volunteered, operate in masjid/organization management, some even collected donations BUT never turned them over to the organizations!

    We will be filing a HATE CRIME action in both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties as well with the Federal and State Attorney General’s, FBI, and those other law enforcement agencies that have employed the use of them with the FBI or on their behalf. When contacted about these activities, the agencies/organization with FBI did not show any interest in taking action, suggested that we get “an attorney and contact your politicians” which confirms they were/are informants!

Backbiting, WHETHER BY PAID GOVERNMENT AGENTS, INFORMANTS, OR SNITCHES, Is The Major Sin In Islam Backbiting (Gheebah)

A Qattat snitch    Backbiting, WHETHER BY PAID GOVERNMENT AGENTS, INFORMANTS, OR SNITCHES, is one of the major sins in Islam and Allah has strictly prohibited to backbite against any person whether Muslim or non-Muslim. In this regard Abu Huraira narrated that Allah’s Messenger, Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) said that:
Backbiting is what you talk about a person at his
back (and not in front of him) in a manner which he would not like. Then the companions asked that what if we mention the things which are actually found in that person. Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) replied that if those things are actually found in that person even then in fact you have backbitten him, and if those things are not present in the person then you have slandered. (Sahih Muslim 2589)

    The above Hadith is telling that in both of the situations, whether the things are present in another person’s personality or not, we as a Muslims are not allowed to talk about a person at his back. In the eyes of Allah backbiting is such a sin for which Allah has mentioned a severely painful punishment in the Quran for those who backbite.
Allah says in Surah Al-Hujurat, verse 12:
    “O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead? You would detest it. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is accepting of repentance and Merciful”. [49: 12]
    Allah will punish those who backbite on the things they are not aware of and on the things they are aware of and they deliberately spoil the dignity of another person by speaking at his back. And the punishments are far more painful than we can think of. We will be punished in a way that, we need to eat the flesh of dead brother, if we continue the habit of

    Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) also discussed the punishment of backbiting; he said that during the Night of Ascension (Mai’raj), he saw a group of people who were scratching their chests and faces with their copper nails. He said, that when he asked, ‘Who are these people, O Jibril?’
Jibril replied: ‘These are the people who ate flesh of others (by backbiting) and trampled people’s honor.’ (Riyad as-Salihin 1526)

… Nor backbite one another; would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would abhor it. (Qur’an 49:12)
    Prophet Muhammad (s) once said to Imam ‘Ali (‘a): 
“O ‘Ali! When someone hears the backbiting of his Muslim brother committed in his presence, yet he does not rally to his
assistance despite being capable of doing so, God shall humiliate him in the world and in the Hereafter.” [Al-Hurr al-`Amili, Wasa’il al-Shi`ah, vol. 8, hadith no. 16336]

    Abu Dharr (r) once asked the Prophet Muhammad (s): “O Messenger of Allah, what is gheebah?”
 He replied: “It is to mention about your brother that which he detests.”
Abu Dharr (r) said: “O Messenger of Allah, what if that which is mentioned of him should actually be in him?”
 He (s) replied:
“Know that when you mention that which is in him, you have committed his gheebah, and when you mention that which is not in him, then you have slandered him.” [Al-Hurr al-`Amili, Wasai’l
al-Shi`ah, vol. 8, hadith no. 16312]

    In the same manner as backbiting is prohibited, so also is listening to it. Indeed, as some traditions indicate, the listener is like the backbiter in all the evil aspects—so much so that his act is a grave sin carrying an obligation to seek forgiveness from the victim.
    The Prophet (s) said: “The listener is one of the two backbiters.” [Al-Fayd al-Kashani, Al-Mahajjat al-Bayda’, vol. 5, p. 260]
    Imam al-Sadiq (‘a) narrated from the Noble Messenger (s) who is once said to have forbidden both backbiting and listening to it. Then he (s) said: “Lo, whoever does a favor to his brother by refuting his backbiting upon hearing it in a gathering, God shall save him from a thousand kinds of evils in this world and in the Hereafter. And if he does not do so despite his ability to refute it, on him shall be the burden of one who commits his backbiting seventy times.” [Al-Hurr al-`Amili, Wasa’il al-Shi`ah, vol. 8, hadith no. 16316]


    At this time we are asking YOU to be available to CALL, EMAIL, POST TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS, WRITE, and circulate widely the notice of this hate motivated crime, to voice your OUTRAGE at this devious tactic to destroy our communities very lifelines!
    Please call/text me at 510-394-4501, AMWF at 510-394-4101, email at:; FB: Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation FaceBook Page:

Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation Group:
You can contact and support the AARON & MARGARET WALLACE FOUNDATION, (AMWF) at:,
    You can make your check payable to: AARON & MARGARET WALLACE FOUNDATION (AMWF), 4200 Park Blvd., Ste. #One16, Oakland, CA 94602; you can donate with Paypal here:
or Paypal with email to:
    May ALLAH  REWARD YOU and your Families with Jannatul Firdaus in paradise directly under his throne, iA! 
    Shukran wa JZK,
Abdul Jalil



ASA wR wB Dear Brothers and Sisters,

          AwardAs CEO and President of the Aaron & Margaret Wallace
Foundation (AMWF), I, Abdul-Jalil was Awarded the Certificate of
Recognition from the California State Assembly for 2021-22
Humanitarian, Civil and Human Rights Achievements. I want to
sincerely “THANK” ALL my/our supporters and I am thankful of the
recognition for the work done as a Humanitarian for societal
change/advancement with the establishment of real economic,
social, and political equality across gender and color lines, in
Civil Rights and Social Services addressing: Homelessness;
Constitutional Reform; Social Justice Reform; Hunger and Food
Insecurity; Police Reform; Climate Justice Reform; Criminal
Justice Reform; Gun Violence; Religious Hate, Bias, Islamophobia,
Xenaphobia and Bigotry; Immigration/Refugee Crisis; Healthcare;
Education Equality; School-to-Prison Pipeline; Wealth
Inequality/Poverty and Basic Needs; Voter Rights; COVID-19
Pandemic Relief Response; Sport and Athletes Human Rights and the
fight for Judicial Reform to END Grand Systemic and Endemic
Corruption, that includes Judicial/Legal Systemic Racism, Bigotry,
Persecution, as a subset.


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